Tuesday, November 8, 2011

EDinNov 8 and Watercolor WIP

I've had another incredibly busy day which began with a phone call to Hughes.Net again. This is the third day in 8 in which I was unable to get internet access. To say I am frustrated would be an understatement.

I took my daughter out to lunch and then did a bit of grocery shopping before taking her to pick up her two girls from school. I came home and made a wonderful chicken salad with avocado and hard cooked eggs for dinner and finished the book I was reading.

At this moment I am able to get online, but am not sure how long that will be true. So I will show you the sketch I attempted for this 8th day in November and then will show an update of the farm scene in progress.

This is a city scene with lots of buildings and a bridge over a river.

Watercolor WIP

Interestingly, blogger allowed me to upload the pencil sketch, but I had to use Flickr and copy HTML text to bring the watercolor wip into this post. Go figure.

Tomorrow I have Miss M in the morning and will take her to preschool around 12:30 at which time I will finish the grocery shopping that was cut short today because of having to be at school to pick up the girls.

After that I hope to come home and work a bit more on the farm scene. 

I hope you are finding time for your art and that your internet connection and blogger are treating you better than they are treating me.



  1. your work is beautiful, sorry you have had so much trouble,, my blog was attacked , lost , everything last week.,, I had to start a new blog, right from scratch so I know all about blogger troubles.I had 199 followers on my old blog and lost the whole list.I remembered your blog, I knew i followed you and I hope you can find me again.

  2. Liking the pencil sketch =) And farm scene looking great so far too.

  3. Wow! You really picked a complicated scene to sketch, and you did a great job with it! I'm sorry you've been having so much trouble ... I can relate, as you know! hugs, nancy

  4. Nice sketch and your farm scene is coming along wonderfully!

  5. Last year we got rid of Cox cable internet, cable TV and signed up for a package that included Dish TV (satellite) and Clear internet & land line phone (VoiP)...I'm going to end this relationship with Clear as soon as the year contract is up...sporadicly dumps us off the internet, download/upload times are very lengthy...has caused some of the problems with upgrade on my MAC...grrrr. To pay for a service that doesn't give service is so dang frustrating. This seems to be my mode of operation lately...makes me cranky, can you tell? HA

  6. Nice! Jeanne from A.R.T.

  7. Nice sketch and your WIP looks great! Sorry to hear about your blog troubles :( I would be cranky without proper access too