Wednesday, November 2, 2011

EDinNov 2 and Sunset WIP

I've sketched a garden shed as my every day in November Day 2 work. I find I have to make myself find something to sketch to meet the requirements. I've decided that my November challenge will be separate from the other art I am working on. Here is the building:

Garden Shed

I've also added some darker color into the sunset work in progress. Here is what I have for now:

sunset wip

The water is looking greenish and that is not my intent at all and now the yellowish reflection needs to reflect the darker sky color. That will be my next step.
I have a couple of books ready to be picked up at the library and the hubster and I are working on a 750 piece panorama of Chicago puzzle. It's a toughie. For now it is time for the afternoon flavored coffee. 

I just finished a couple of miles of jogging on the treadmill so after coffee, it is into the shower and then to the library. The hubster finally has his first physical therapy session tomorrow so we should find out a lot more about his convalescence then.

Don't forget to make some time for yourself today.



  1. oh my gosh you ahve been busy, I'm glad one of us is running, at least I can say i know someone who ran today after what i ate yesterday it should be ME!

  2. Your painting is coming along beautifully! And, the shed sketch shows that you're getting better at perspective. The right-hand vertical line on it could be a bit shorter since that side is a bit farther away from us than the left side is. I wish I liked coffee .... you always make it sound so good! I'll be interested to hear how the therapy goes tomorrow. Tell him I wish him well! Hugs, nancy

  3. I love what you are doing on the sunset. Beautiful. I don't paint much, so I am often inspired by those of you that do.

    I also appreciate the shed sketch. The shovels, especially. Not sure why... but its what I've got to say. :-)

    Grateful to meet you via AEDM! Hope to see more of your work in the days to come!

  4. I'm loving the look of the sunset piece so far!

  5. You're one busy bee! Love your new art!

  6. thanks for finding my new blog and I would pass on the mice in the cabbage rolls, it would take too many!!!!!lol,,

  7. Absolutely love the sunset drawing =) The colors are gorgeous

  8. Can't wait to see how the 'Sunset' painting finishes up. So far it's looking magical.

  9. ooh do keep us updated on your watercolor sunset, it's looking gorgeous :)