Saturday, November 19, 2011

Still No Desktop Computer and The Funk Deepens

I called the people who have my computer only to be told that hard drives are not being shipped right now. One reason he gave is that there is a very high demand for them right now; the second reason for the delay according to him is that Thailand is experiencing severe flooding right now and 90% of all hard drives come from there.

I am in a funk. The good news is that I've read 4 books in the past two days. The bad news is that my new hotspot (read cold spot) is so extremely slow that I cannot upload pix to my blog site and I only have a few things to share. The funk continues.

I am hoping to get things into better shape soon. Is there anyone out there who can tell me why if the wifi hotspot device is reading 4 bars and I get an RSSI of -47 and a Transmit rate of 73 that I can't get any speeds on my computer faster than about 6 kB per second. What am I missing here?

I am busy with the hubster and the girls and am the hostess for about 14 family members for Thanksgiving so hopefully will not have much time for sulking. It is not in my nature to be pouty and unhappy, but circumstances are trying to push me in that direction.

I am going to go try to get happier and hope sincerely that you are having a great weekend and that your internet is working and you have time to do some art.



  1. Vicki - I'm so sorry about all that trouble. Come to my house any time and use my computer to upload pictures. I know you'll be busy this week what with the dinner and everything, but if you can get here Monday, I'll be here. hugs, nancy

  2. Oh Vicki, I'm sorry about your computer woes! I feel your pain – having unintentionally killed my blog on several occasions in addition to my computer frying last year this time. Sounds like you'll have your family to distract you and hopefully make the time w/o your computer pass quickly. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  3. So sorry about the computer problems - we have 3 here at the house so someone is always on one and not sure what life would become without the ability to check art blogs and friends daily! I do hope after Thanksgiving things work out and you get a replacement or fix for the problem. Sorry, I can't help with the WiFi question.