Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Missing in Action (Or Inaction)

I've not been blogging because I haven't been doing art. But I have been reading a plethora of novels and have been reading watercolor books and mentally planning my next art piece. I have also been mentally planning the next steps in both the Adirondack painting in progress and the barn scene painting in progress. I just can't seem to get past the thinking stage.

But I have been encouraging my little ones to sketch. Does that count?

I was given a couple of angels as a gift when I participated in my nephew's wedding in the far western UP last year and my little one is in love with them. Miss M sketched her rendition of them (with just a little bit of help).

Miss M drew everything except the arms; I helped with those.

I helped with the arms and the words.
I awakened to a beautiful sunny wonder world of snow this morning and couldn't resist opening all the blinds around the house and getting a few pix. Here is my favorite so far. 

I have to drive out to the Potter Center this morning to pick up the watercolor that was being displayed for the month of November and I need to stop at the grocery store while I am in town. I am also planning to spend some time with my daughter at her house to help her get her iTunes set up and get her iPod ready for use.

Who knows, maybe I will actually do some art today......

I hope your muse hasn't deserted you. And if you happen to see my muse would you please send her home.



  1. YES. Encouraging little ones to sketch counts for a lot in my book.
    And don't worry - your muse will find her way home eventually. Expect her. :-)
    Glad we shared the AEDM journey.

  2. Maybe one of those snow photos will inspire you to put your version down on paper. Beautiful! We were spared the snow here but I'm sure it's coming. Love your girl tribe's art, and I'm sure your muse is just giving you a little rest before your next onslaught of creative ideas.

  3. Perhaps your muse is out building a snowman in that beautiful white stuff! When she's done playing out there she'll come back to you!

  4. Little Miss M did a wonderful job with that. BTW, your muse is here and will be coming home with your tomorrow! hugs, nancy

  5. Love these wire-frame sketches =) I think they are wonderful! I'm having the same problem Vicki, can't think of anything to draw...then again, I am often very distracted by work and things to do.

  6. I love the angels, the sketches & the real ones!