Friday, June 15, 2012

Friends and Family

Yesterday morning I met some of my retired buddies from work and took along a friend whose husband was a teacher in the math department. We met at Bob Evans and it was a good time. I had a lovely omelet and looked at cute pix and got caught up on happenings in the lives of people I've known for a long time, but don't see that often. Definitely a good thing to keep in touch in that way.

The girls arrived at my house around noon and then the real fun began - oh, but wait - first we drove to Mason and did a major grocery shopping at Meijer's. Not my favorite activity, but at least now it is done.

And then the fun began. First we tried image transfer, but the girls weren't happy because they didn't believe me that they weren't supposed to turn out perfectly. Then we sat in front of my computer and watched an image transfer from Donna Downey's Inspiration Wednesday. They really liked her pages and thought they might try image transfer again sometime.

I put away the image transfer stuff and we got out the stamps and stencils and colored pens and the fun began.

Miss M (4 years old)

Miss P (9 years old). She's a natural!

A couple of spreads in my book. The blue bird on the right hand lower page is an image transfer.

We took a break from the altered books to spend a bit of time in the back yard swinging and talking. Then I made some beef stew/soup, which the girls didn't like. They ended up having cereal for dinner.
In the evening I decided to try to capture Miss P in her batting stance at the softball game. I don't think I've quite got it, but she is rather pleased.

This morning Miss P and I are going to my fitness class and then to a garage sale in Stockbridge. Afterward, we will return home to pick up Miss M and try out luck at a few more nearby sales before settling down to do more art in our altered books. I may try more image transfer - who knows maybe the girls would like to try it once again. Their Mom will be coming around dinner time and will eat with us before taking the girls home.

What do you have planned for today? Does it include some time for yourself? Do you have plans that include creativity? I can't wait to check in with you and see.



  1. All 3 of you clearly had fun with the altered books, and that's what it's all about! BTW, how are your shins feeling? har, har, har!!!! hugs, nancy

  2. Sounds like a busy but a very good day full of fun!! I'm sure they will like the transfers if they try them a few times. And don't we all want perfect things?!? ha ha

  3. Sounds like the girls may not want to go home. . . Gram is just way too cool! I love your sketch of Payton at bat. So good to see you sketching, Vic!

  4. What a great day making beautiful art with special people! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sounds like a fun day with very creative results! I'd like to hang out with you for a day - and I do like beef stew :-)