Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Virtual Travel and a Small Watercolor

I must say travel with the little yellow man is surely easier and much cheaper than the real deal, however it is impossible to see clearly what you want to see. There are situations in which you can't get the right angle or just the right distance from your objective and in some areas of the world, you can't set down at all - there are just photos available. I haven't yet settled for someone else's photo, but if I want to get to all the countries of the world, I may have to.

Yesterday I spent a bit of time in Ireland. I began in Bagenalstown, the town from which my great grandparents emigrated. He was a Fenlon and she was a Murphy, and needless to say there were oodles of both of these in that area in the mid to late 1800s, so I have been stymied in my search for more info for the family genealogy tree on that side. I didn't find anything that grabbed me, so I began to roam around the island. I found a really cute setting in Galway.

Later in the day, I was thinking about my sister who moved to Marquette late last year so I decided to go "visit" her. I found the lighthouse and decided it would make a good subject to sketch. I didn't notice until I uploaded it that I sketched it in pencil. That will have to be remedied.

I was waiting for the UPS man all day with a package from Amazon and it was getting later and later. I finally tracked the package online only to find that it arrived in the early afternoon. I forget that they use the post office as their final delivery person. Surely it will be delivered today. While I was waiting I planned to do a very loose painting of a jack in the pulpit. Did I say loose? As you can see it became a very tight, coloring book type painting. I really must start practicing looseness - perhaps with color washes and landscapes before trying to tackle flowers.

My body has been quite sore all week - could it be from sleeping on the floor for two nights? or is it just a fact that accompanies the aging process? At any rate, I've been resting my body and haven't worked out at all this week yet, but I am planning to go to the conditioning class this morning. I think that kind of stretching will be beneficial. I am not sure that pounding on the treadmill is as forgiving of the old joints.

What do you have planned for the day? Are you finding time to enjoy the company of your muse? Is she behaving and staying around when you need her? Are you finding time for yourself? I am looking forward to seeing what you've been up to when I check in at EDM and read all the blogs to which I subscribe. Do you have any recommendations of blogs about art journaling, watercoloring, collaging, or just fun people that you think I would enjoy? Even though I read lots of blogs, I am sure I am missing out on some really great ones.


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  1. I like your sketches. I have the looseness problem, so I love your jack in the pulpit. ;)

    Sometimes my Amazon orders come UPS and other times via USPS. I never know. And lately they've been later than first expected. Not sure what's going on. Hope your package arrives...and in good condition. :)

    I am playing with watercolors and ink today. So far my muse has been fairly kind. ;) I don't know who to recommend because I'm not sure who you already follow, but you're welcome to take a gander at my list of blogs I follow. :)