Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Finally Found My Niche, Goodies in the Mail, Sketches

I finally made my niches in the back glued section of the altered book I am working on. Now if only I can find things to fit in them. Next book, I will find my treasures and then make niches to fit them.

And just look at the lovely bookmarks that arrived in the post from my dear friend Tracey Fletcher King. I just love her art, don't you? What do you mean, you don't know her? Hope on over to her blog and check her out. You're gonna love her.

I've done another couple of quick sketches in my small journal that I would like to share. First is this grosbeak. Once I get a bird drawn, I think his body is much too round and short, but I am quite sure this is how he looked. It was probably a bit chilly out and he had fluffed himself out to keep warm, you think?

And finally, I have a mountain lake landscape sketch. I do think I am due to try a watercolor painting. I actually found a book about painting portraits with a step by step of a red headed girl. I am thinking I should try again with Miss P (if only I can get her mouth drawn correctly) while I have this book checked out of the library.

Or, a landscape might be a bit less challenging, but rewarding nonetheless if I can just keep from overworking the colors.


My conditioning class doesn't meet today, so I will jog for an hour on the treadmill and then I will jump into a watercolor. Hopefully I will have a progress report for you tomorrow.

What do you have planned for the day? Are you finding time for yourself and your particular brand of creativity? I surely hope so. I must say I am looking forward to seeing what you are working on.



  1. I love the look of that book! Can't wait ot see the water color, you are an inspiration exercise wise, wow, an hour jogging, wow.
    I'm going for a walk, then I have a bit of cleaning to do then I have a painting waiting to be put on paper,

  2. Thanks for the shout out and glad you like them... I will look forward to seeing that landscape in watercolour, but would kind of like to see the bird as well... of course I hate trying to paint feathers and they always end up looking oddly like scales when i try but maybe yours will be much better... have a wonderful drawing week...xx

  3. Lucky you to get such lovely bookmarks! The bird looks exactly right to me, and I'm looking forward to seeing the watercolor on your drawing. Hugs, nancy