Friday, June 1, 2012

Can It Be June?

Another crazy, busy day yesterday. It began with a bit of fun when Nancy arrived and we went into Jackson to the life drawing class. I'm not sure my sketches from that event are worth showing, but this venue is a place for me to see/show my progress, so here they are.

Afterward, we went to Panera for lunch, mostly so that we could play a bit with Nancy's new iPad using their wireless. Suffice it to say that I will not be eating there again when I want a bit of internet with my lunch. It was extremely slow and we were kicked off after just 30 minutes. We really didn't get anything accomplished because of the "watching the grass grow" speed. Frustrating!

After I got home, I called the vet so I could take little Ellabear in for a complete check. They had an opening 45 minutes later. You know I don't have a cat carrier, so I fashioned one out of a box, taping the top shut to keep her in. I played classical music on the car radio all the way there (about 20 minutes) in the hopes of soothing her, but I don't think it worked. I felt so Cruella DeVille!

I was early as I always am for everything, so we had to kick our heels in the waiting room for about 15 minutes. I took her out of the box and held and petted her while we waited. Once we were taken into an examining room, they weighed her - 2 pounds, 6 ounces - and guessed she was about 8 weeks old. They did a leukemia test - negative, gave her a DRCP vaccine, did a deworming treatment, checked for fleas - negative,  and cleaned the mites out of her ears. Shazam! It cost more than my regular annual physical exam. I had no idea that being a good person was going to be so financially painful. Of course, I also received a schedule for future shots, spaying, etc.

Did you know that if you have a kitten that can be described as a calico there is a 99.999% chance she is a female? Neither did I. 

After I got home I spent some time in the art room and then later in the evening I jogged for the obligatory hour on the treadmill. By the way, the Tigers lost the first three in the four game series against Boston. The first three games I watched. For last night's game, part of the time I was working on the treadmill. Is there a connection? Should I be jogging while they play? Does that somehow translate into better playing on their part? I'm just saying.....

There is one bad thing about jogging after 8 pm. I couldn't get into sleep mode. I downloaded some new novels from the library onto my iPad, worked some crossword puzzles, and drank lots of water. I finally went to bed around midnight, but didn't get to sleep until almost 3 am. And I was up at 6 am. Methinks it is going to be a slow day around here today. But first I have my conditioning class at 9:30 and will jog for half an hour afterward.

The hubster is having some fasting blood work done this morning and then I think he will stop and get a litter box, some litter, and some more kitty food. The daughter recently bought new furniture for her living room and is not willing to take Ella home until the front claws are removed. I guess I have a roomie until that time. I will be letting her stay in the house instead of just on the screened porch beginning today. I'm pretty sure that at some time in the not too distant past, I swore I was never going to have another indoor pet - or any pet for that matter. But what am I to do? There was never a chance of ignoring the needs of this little cutie.

I think they were made for each other.

And so the saga of life continues. How is your saga playing out? Are you finding time for yourself and your creativity? I am just on my way to read any new posts on the 200+ blogs to which I subscribe and I am so looking forward to seeing what you are working on these days. Thank you so much for giving me the incentive to continue on this road of artistic self discovery.



  1. Your third drawing is especially good ... well done! The pic of Miss M and Ellabear is adorable. What? An inside pet? At your house? You may just decide to keep her!! LOL See you soon. hugs, nancy

  2. Good for you for pursuing your life drawing! it's an intimidating subject and you are squaring up to it. Do you stand at an easel to draw? I hope they give you that opportunity.

    About cats and colors: yes, calicoes are almost always female, as are tortoiseshells, but ginger kitties are almost always male. Something about the pigmentation gene and the chromosome, or something...I'm vague on why!

    That kitten is lovely! expensive but lovely. I've been there with "free" animals which cost me a fortune in vet bills and general care. But they repay you over and over.

  3. I failed miserably with my still lifes in drawing class.....yours are proud. There's a reason why the kitty picked you to come home to.......Ella will let you know in time....enjoy her...meant to be I think.

  4. I failed miserably with my life drawings....yours are stupendous. There's a reason why Miss Ella came home to you, in time she'll tell you why...think it's meant to be :)

  5. What a great photo of two very cute little girls! It sounds like that kittie is tugging at your heart strings. Are you sure you'll be able to give her up when the time comes?