Sunday, December 14, 2008

Digital Art

It has been a very long and difficult week, but I am hopeful things are looking up. I have tomorrow off and am being picked up early by a girl friend and we are going out to breakfast and then doing some late Christmas shopping. I would also like to stop in at some second hand stores and maybe Big Lots.

I came into my art room late this evening and started playing around with Photoshop. I haven't been into digital art much lately and it felt good to play. I really like how this playing turned out. I think I am going to have to mix some digital into my mixed media art. I'd forgotten how powerful and surprising and fun Photoshop can be.

It's late and I'd better turn in. I'll post tomorrow after the shopping trip and hope to have more goodies to put up then. For now, don't forget to live in the moment.


  1. You have a lovely site, Vicki, and I really like your art. You are right about the digital art being a powerful possibility. I love to see it though I haven't yet tried it. If you haven't been there, pop over to She is the first digital art I had seen, really. I stand in awe of you and all who can achieve success in such a tough artform. I still like the cut and paste stuff best though!

  2. I LOVE, love, LoVe this piece. Great job, wonderful composition.

  3. Kim,

    Thanks for the heads up about papercracker. Really nice stuff.


    Thanks for visiting and appreciating.