Monday, December 1, 2008

Altered LP

I was really having fun with the altered 33 1/3 vinyl record and took pix along the way. I am really in love with making "people" with mismatched body parts and think I will do more with this. My original intent was to add a little more color to bring the pieces together and then add the words "About Face" arranged in a circle around where the label used to be.

However, I overdid the adding color until even after scrubbing a bit with a paper towel, the figures were too obscured. I then decided to make a face in the middle with the hole for a mouth, but I wasn't happy with that either. I am quite frustrated. I can draw a face well enough that I am willing to share it, but when it comes to painting said face, I can't do it at all right. I really can't wait for Paulette Insall to offer her faces class again in 2009 so that I can find out how to draw the face lightly enough and blend the paint well enough so that it looks natural.

I am having an art friend come over for the day to play with the Wizard and play with Photoshop for awhile. I think we might drive over to USArtQuest in Grass Lake after we play for awhile. I think lunch is also on the agenda.

Until next time, don't forget to live in the moment.

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  1. You have been having fun! Bet you are excited to have your wizard friend over and then do some arty stuff together, you lucky duck.