Thursday, December 18, 2008

Spellbinders Contest

Spellbinders is looking for some people for its 2009 Paper Arts Design Team. To find out all the details and enter, go here. I know I am going to try to get on that team. What fun that would be!

I have recently purchased a Wizard and am having a great deal of fun with it. I have mostly used it for making ATCs, but am looking forward to try using it in my other mixed media art projects and maybe try my hand at some greeting cards.

I have a very busy day ahead. The 1-year-old can now open all the doors and is into everything. I am literally following her around and removing her from anything I don't want her to touch. With her and her bigger sister and her Mom living with us, I have run out of places to put things out of reach. None of the things she is getting into are breakable or dangerous, but I think it is important for her to learn that she has limits. Boy, is she ever a little imp - I love her to pieces - lucky for her or I would probably be a lot tougher on her.

I am counting my blessings even as I throw my hands up in frustration - don't forget to live in the moment!


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