Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kid Crafts

I found the cutest templates for reindeer and sleighs on a blog that has all kinds of wonderful ideas, not just kid crafts. Actually I am not sure these were meant for children to make, but the little one and I had great fun making them. The only thing I need to rethink is the paper I am making them out of. I need something more substantial. These are quite flimsy. I think when I decide on another material for them, we will make more and make them into tree decorations.

Of course, I made the mistake of saying to her, "You will want to color them brown with some black markings." She replied, "Nana, I am the artist and the artist is always right. I am going to color them all different colors and they will be beautiful." She was right, again!

These would make really cute gifts. She is thinking of making one for my Mom (Rena the great) and her Dad (he is working in another state and she misses him terribly).

Meanwhile, I am still not certain how I am going to finish my altered LP. I am thinking I want to come up with a material that looks like snow - either granulated looking or tiny little snow flakes-to tie all the different pictures together. I need to go shopping, but am still babysitting every day this week and I really can't do serious looking and browsing with a 1 year old and 5 year old in tow.

We have Monday off and I am thinking maybe the two of us (the hubster and I) could go into town and do a little shopping and maybe out to lunch.

Meanwhile, I have to get through the weekend. That's it for now; don't forget to live in the moment.


  1. Ah Vicki, you should know by know, that the little budding artist knows best! Cute reindeer. Hope you and DH make it shopping, I like to see what goodies you buy!

  2. love the reindeer!!! oh, and i love what your granddaughter said about being the artist. too cute!!