Friday, January 9, 2009

Getting Organized and CED2009

I spent much of the morning straightening my art room - it had gotten really out of control. It is so much easier to get some work done when I can find the things I am looking for.

The treadmill got another workout today. I did program 1 again and am not even tempted to hang on. It is not easy yet, so I think I will continue to alternate this one and the walk/run one that I have been doing. When program #1 feels easy, I will move on to #2.

I finished a color chart for my watercolor class, and practiced more Chinese brushwork. I also did another 2 page spread in my journal. I started out painting a couple of layers of color the second one with a credit card and then stamping randomly. When it came time to add some collage, I rummaged through my stuff and found several containers and labels and was thinking something along the lines of "Candy's dandy, but liquor is quicker", but that didn't really fit my mind set today, so I put in a line from Steven Wright (one of my all time fave comedians) that I have always liked and it is about painting, haha!

Just one more day of work this week and then a 4-day weekend. I was tentatively planning to drive over to my sister's house, but we are currently under a winter storm watch - 8 to 12 inches of snow predicted. I really don't enjoy driving in bad weather or on less than pleasant surfaces, so I probably will wait for a better weekend.

My goal for the next four days: 1) finish the valentine swap that the 5 year old and I are involved in and get them in the mail; 2) do my 25 winter themed skinny pages (4 x 7); 3) do some head scratching and wandering through stores to find products that I can do a lampoon on for the wacky packages ATC swap; and 4) try my hand at drawing some whimsical cats for another ATC swap. I also have plans to make my mom a bamboo pin and a domino refrigerator magnet and send pix of the girls, along with a crossword puzzle book and some Yahtzee score pads. She really likes getting personal mail. It sure beats bills and fliers.

It's 12:14 AM, so I suppose I'd better get these old bones to bed; until I "see" you again, don't forget to live in the moment!

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  1. Wow, you have been one busy lady in my absence. I am in awe. You are doing fantastic exercising too. I really don't know how you fit everything into your day!! Hugs