Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sketch Smack and CED2009

I visited a new blog and ran across the Saturday Smack challenge and just had to try it. It was just the toe portion of a pair of converse sneakers. I think it is okay for my first try, but will have to continue to work on sketching to improve.

I also tried a contour drawing of a titmouse on the bird feeder at the front window. I had taken a picture of him and used that as my model. I don't think the contour drawing is too bad, but I then tried a blind contour drawing and his left side was way shorter than his right. I need to slow down and try this again and again until I learn to "see" what I am drawing.

Tomorrow we celebrate Payton's 6th birthday. Her party is at the bowling alley. I love bowling, but may not be able to participate because of my knee. I'll decide tomorrow. Meanwhile, I got her a pair of roller skates for her present and wrapped it with newsprint and then drew and stamped on it so that she would have personalized paper. I am not overly pleased with the result, but I know she will love it.

One plus of the knee problem is that so far this month I have read 5 novels and am just getting ready to start the 6th. I have signed on to the 50 books in 2009 challenge. That figures out to just about one book a week, so it would seem I am ahead of the game. I am really enjoying reading again.

The hubster has gone to the Michigan/Michigan State hockey game this evening with his brothers so I have a quiet house. I love having time to myself, but can't decide whether to paint, clean, watch tennis or read. Maybe I will do a bit of each. First of all, I am going to go cut up an apple and get a spoonful of peanut butter and have a snack (I guess I can watch tennis while I am eating it).

As for you, don't forget to live in the moment!

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  1. The drawings look fantastic, you are doing great with your sketching. Too bad you have missed out on bowling. My DH and I own a bowling alley, and believe it or not, I never play, just don't seem to have the time these days.