Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Bird, EDM and CED2009

Late last evening I decided to try my hand at another bird using ink and Caran d' Ache crayons. I found a picture of a white throated sparrow in a book and tried to reproduce him. I am pretty happy with the results, but definitely need more practice.

I also tried EDM #70 Something you're afraid of using a Micron pen. I'm not sure how to make him look hairy. I tried small marks overall, but am afraid I didn't capture it very well.

I really like the "you can't erase" mode of a pen, but don't yet know how to produce the texture I want. I will keep trying.

I have the girls again today as DD (I so want to refer to her in the way Suzan Buckner refers to her daughter, who btw shares my daughter's birthday. She calls her The One Who Knows Everything.) went to work at 6 AM. I am tutoring at 1 PM, so the hubster will be here to take over at 12:30 PM. Before that he will run in to the new house to drop off a caulk gun and some other odds and ends.

Well, I'd better get my "caboose" in gear.



  1. You'll get it when you see it---so you need a real live one or good photo---ever Google them with Images? Tons of them will show up that may help you...

  2. Kudos for having more gumption than I! I have yet to get the nerve to do something that I cannot erase! Your bird and bee are adorable.

  3. Sometimes I pretend as though my hand and pen ARE the fur. It helps to channel the subject, especially when it involves really fine lines, directly from your eye to the pen, through the medium of your hand.

    Sounds heavy, but it works!

  4. Hi Vicki!
    I LOVE all your artwork . . . but this bird is TO DIE FOR!!! I LOVE it!!!