Thursday, April 9, 2009

EDM #3 and A Fun Day

The morning and early afternoon was spent with a good friend. We began with a trip to USArtQuest in Jackson - actually the address is Grass Lake, but it is almost in Jackson. I introduced Nancy to Susan Pickering Rothamel, owner, who is essentially a whirling dervish. I first heard of her through art/craft books she has written. She has to be the busiest person I have ever spent time with, and yet she took the time to give us the grand tour to show where her products are formulated, packaged, warehoused and ultimately shipped.

I brought home one of the five MicaColor sets. This one is the 'Pastelle', which is 10 Twinkling Gouache Paints. These are Sparkling Mica and Pigment Watercolor Paints. Once I've had a chance to try them, I will post more aboutt these and tell you about my experience with them.

I went there to purchase the large container of PPA because since buying the smaller sized bottle in the winter, I have decided I have never found a better adhesive, medium or top coat. It dries absolutely non-tacky.

I had lots of stops planned for our day, but we spent so long with Susan (she is very proud of her products (and she should be) and is extremely personable), that we only made one other stop after having lunch. I did come home with a handful of goodies and can't wait for our next outing.
Here are the goodies I picked up a second hand store.

I found these "art tools" for 10 cents each.

I bought this organizer for $1.50.

After getting home and spending a wonderful 1/2 hour on the deck in the sun drinking flavored coffee with the hubster, I came indoors and attempted EDM #3. I thought a wallet would be really fun to draw, and I guess I did have fun, but I have lots of room for improvement. I firmly believe that the more I draw, the better I will get, so I will continue to sketch each day and look for it to get better over time.

Tomorrow I get to be home alone most of the day. I sprayed my face project with workable fixative and hope to work with Caran d'Ache crayons tomorrow. However, I have an eye doctor appointment in the early morning and have some grocery shopping to do, so I will have to put my painting off until after lunch. I hope to have something to share tomorrow on that front as well as EDM #4.

That's it for now. Bye!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful shopping day. Your sketching is great - I did belong to that group for a little while and never even got off the starting blocks!

  2. Vicki - you and Nancy were wonderful! I loved having you stop by. Now, you have got to share where that cool second-hand store is. What cool tools!