Monday, June 15, 2009

EDM #96 and More Photos

While at my sister's house last week, I attempted to sketch the yellow rosebud. I think I will attempt to color it with my watercolor pencils later today.

I also took a ton of pictures. I use the original Canon Digital Rebel and absolutely love it. Here are some more pix I took last week while in Stevensville.

I am planning to go to my Mom's again later this week. My sister, Kathy, is there for the summer and I would love to see her. I will try to get pix of the St. Ignace area. It is stunningly beautiful this time of year - all the water, Mackinac Island and the Mackinac Bridge.


  1. Lovely!! I can't wait to see it "in color!"

  2. Cool bird are you orginally from St. Ignace? Did you happen to get over to Ella Sharp to see the Audubon exhibit?

  3. Nice design.The color should really bring it to life!

  4. What beautiful photos.
    We were on Mackinac Island 2 years ago and loved it.

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing your rose bud in color. The drawing looks good, but I think the addition of color will really make it stand out. Your photos are wonderful. I love seeing the bird pics you get - you're very good at it! hugs, nancy

  6. great work! love those little birds!