Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another Bird

I have been working on sketching while I have a huge pile of borrowed books on sketching from the Interloan Library.

As usual, I am drawn to drawing birds. I am particularly happy with this one and wish my painting skills were better so that I could color him, but for now I am going to concentrate on the sketch and practice painting on other things.

I also tried another self portrait and have uploaded it (after coloring it in Photoshop) as my new avatar. I think it is more like me than the previous one, but my daughter's comment was, "You are not that ugly." Try again.

I am hoping to get more dominoes sanded, painted, stamped and sealed today. I will share them as they get done. Yesterday I tried a combination of my own art printed out to size from the computer and adhered to the domino and some transfers. The transfers for the most part were a bomb.

I need to remove all the "stuff" from my work table while working on the dominoes as things keep getting in the way. I think I need another work surface in this room in addition to my "painting" table. But for now this one has to do double duty.

I brewed the coffee almost an hour ago and have been so busy in here that I haven't gotten myself a cup yet. Gotta go!



  1. Very nice bird! I can't believe how much your drawing skills have improved. Your self portrait does look more like you than your other one, and it's not ugly at all. (Don't listen to your daughter - lol) hugs, nancy

  2. This is a lovely sketch; it captures the life of the bird very well.

    I especially like how you've drawn the beak fitting into the head with the spatial relationship of the eye.

    That's a difficult area to get right and you've done it!

  3. He's really cute. You captured the little tilt of the head perfectly.

  4. Your bird sketch is great, love his head tilt and eye.

  5. oh what a sweet little bird....good job!!

  6. Can't wait for the colors :)

  7. what a cute birdy face! And I'm loving your face (in the new avatar) as well!!