Monday, June 29, 2009

Friends and a Butterfly Book

I had the most wonderful time on Saturday. I met a dear Marshall friend in Jackson and rode with her to Plymouth for the June michiganab meeting. We met at the Plymouth library early in the morning and played most of the day. There was a mountain of food, friendly people, and a great project provided by Ingrid Dijkers. Ingrid lives in the Plymouth area and made all the arrangements for the meeting place and the kits to make the butterfly books. This is the first time I have gone to an art gathering and actually left with a finished product. Sweet!

I cannot possibly remember the names of all the amazingly talented people I met, but I must mention Tina, Pam, Katie and her Mom, the girls from Ohio, Sandy, and Sharon and Linda from Muskegon who will be hosting the next get together in September.

Here are some pix of the event and my finished (well almost - I plan to add buttons and/or beads to the strings hanging on the front and either paint a face or collage a picture of one of my little girls to the face plane.) book.


  1. What a cool book! I can't wait to see it "in the flesh". Looks & sounds like you had a great time - good for you!! nancy

  2. That's really beautiful! What a fun thing to do.

  3. This looks like so much fun! And oh my, the book is beautiful!

  4. very nice drawing,Your proportions and expression on the face is great!