Friday, June 12, 2009

Photography as Art II

I am back from my visiting my sister and her husband. I had a blast! We played lots of Scrabble, cribbage and Yahtzee. The Tigers are on a winning streak - they even beat the White Sox three games out of five. Go, Tigers!

I love taking closeups of flowers.

She has the most beautiful gardens; they run around the perimeter of her back yard and also as islands in the yard. Her front gardens are just as beautiful. I always remember to take my camera when I visit her and spend lots of time taking pictures of her lovely yard.

She lives on the western side of the state near Lake Michigan. We frequently go for rides and sometimes park and walk around. Her back has been bothering her and my legs have been bothering me, so we limited our walking. However, we did park in a lovely spot on the lake and I was able to get a few pix there too. The sun was low in the sky and so the lake is not blue like I like it, but I still liked the pictures that I captured.

I have a pedicure this morning and Payton has her ballet performance this evening. I don't know how I am going to get up the magnificent staircase at the Potter Center (maybe they have an elevator), but can't wait to go and hope to get some good pictures to share.

I really must get into my art room and begin to make things again.

Bye, for now!


  1. You take really really good pictures :)

  2. Gorgeous flowers and photos! May I draw/paint the rosebud sometime?

  3. Alex, thank you for the positive comment;

    Shirley, I'd be thrilled to see a drawing/painting of the rosebud.

  4. These are very nice photo's, so crisp and clear. When I take pictures of sailboats they always come out so tiny. I was going to ask the same thing, Can we use these to draw/paint from?

  5. Those sailboats look so peaceful - what a beautiful shot.

  6. Florence,

    You may certainly use these to draw/paint from - I consider it a compliment that you would ask.


  7. Welcome back - your photos are beautiful.

  8. I love your flower pictures....I grew up in Michigan!