Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday, Monday

I am leaving in a couple of hours for my sister's house about 2 hours away. I am really looking forward to these few days as we were supposed to get together in April, but life got in the way. I don't know if I will be posting while I am gone, but I will definitely be taking pictures of her lovely garden and will maybe catch a glimpse (and get a pic ?) of her Baltimore orioles; mine have gone on to some other feeder.

We had the girls this weekend and the two days were full to exploding with fun, work and chaos. I did manage to get some cute pix of the sisters early Sunday morning (we had a sleepover) as they hammed it up in the living room. There is absolutely no time for myself and my art when the girls are here and I don't think the 20 month old is ready yet - but she does love to scribble with a pencil or any other writing utensil she can get her little hands on.

I have tried 8 times to upload a cute pic of the girls, but it is lightly raining and the waaaaay overpriced HughesNet satellite is not cooperating. My contract expires in October and I am planning to do some serious researching to see if there is any alternative besides dialup so that I can make a change.

I'd better get another mug of coffee and then hit the shower and finish packing.



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