Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Photo of the Day and Addition to Watercolor WIP

Today's photo is a favorite of mine where for once a butterfly actually stayed still while I took its picture. In most cases, by the time I really get the settings as I want them and get focused, they flit off. I sometimes think they should be called butterflits, not butterflies.

I have made some additions to the watercolor I am working on and have learned quite a bit from all your wonderful comments. I don't have the Magic Eraser, so will have to try it another time, but I did use a wet brush to remove some of the green from the trees. Unfortunately, the area where the trees meet the sky is very messy, but this is not for framing, it is for learning.

I used a sea sponge to add a bit of color to the trees and used a rigger to add a bit of tree trunk and branches. I tried to dry brush a bit of dark brown onto the barn, but parts of it were too globby (I don't think I removed enough paint from the dry brush.), so I added a little bit of water which rather defeats the purpose.

I think perhaps this was rather a difficult task I set myself as a first try, but am happy to have learned as much as I have, much of which I can thank you for. I do really appreciate all the input I get here.

I am planning to try another watercolor today, but something smaller (the barn is 10 x 8). I'll share it with you tomorrow.

A reminder about the Rhodia Webnotebook giveaway (see Monday's post); if you haven't left a comment yet, you have until I get up next Monday morning and choose a winner. It is a great journal and I've been writing in mine with a fountain pen and loving it. The paper is so smooth and the fountain pen glides along beautifully. Your comment needs to be left on that post, not this one.

For now, I need another mug of coffee, a bit of breakfast and then onto the treadmill. After that the rest of the day is mine to do as I please. I hear my watercolors calling!



  1. Hi Vicki! Will be posting something for you later.
    You need to loosen up. Flow with the watercolor.

    All my love to you and Family!


  2. Your butterfly photo is amazing -- I know what you mean by losing your subject in the lag time between seeing it and getting your equipment ready to shoot. And your watercolor barn is starting to show dimension in the barn and some distance going back to the trees. Great job!

  3. You did a splendid job with this. I like what you did with the trees. If you're still working on it, you might want to put a bit of color in the roof - loose and watery might be nice. hugs, nancy

  4. You came up with a good solution to the trees. I didn't even come close to thinking of that idea. Great job!

  5. I love the improvement! And I hope you had lots of fun doing it. Can't wait to see you next WC painting, oh... nice shot of a beautiful creature!

  6. Great job, Vicki! I think the trees turned out very well!