Monday, August 16, 2010

Photo of the Day, Paint Blobs, WC, and A Winner

Do you believe August is more than half over? I cannot believe how the summer is flying by, but am really looking forward to cooler temps and less humidity.

Today's photo is of one of my favorite birds, the red bellied woodpecker. His belly is not red, his head is, but I didn't get to name him, so we are stuck with the strange name.

I've been working on The Drawing Lab using Carla Sonheim's wonderful book and am currently in Unit 5. One of the labs is to make 10 paint blobs on separate pieces of paper with acrylic paint and let them dry. Once they are dry see what you see in them and use a pen or marker to complete the picture.

Just at a glance, I think I see a head and a foot in there.

I've not been making any "art" with my watercolors, but I have been doing a bit of practicing with my brushes and trying out different strokes and the like. I actually like the practice piece that developed.

Oh, and of course, the Rhodia Webnotebook giveaway - I went to the random number generator and asked for the following:

And this is what I was given:

I don't have my comments numbered, so first I counted backward from the 72nd one until I got to the 60th; and then because I just needed to make sure, I counted down from the top to the 60th one and here is the winner:

I think it is interesting you thought you were comment number 58; there must have been a couple of commenters entering at the same time as you. At any rate, I've sent you an email to give you the good news.

Thank you to all of you who have entered and I hope you have luck in one of the other Rhodia giveaways that are ongoing.

I have an appointment to get my teeth cleaned this afternoon and am planning to do a bit of grocery shopping afterward. Meanwhile, this morning I need to walk the treadmill and shower and maybe even find time for some art. I was thrilled to find for the second Monday morning in a row that my weight is officially in the 150s. It is actually 159.6, which is just barely in the 150s, but I am definitely moving in the right direction and am feeling great!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day and I sincerely want to thank you for taking the time to visit and leave comments.



  1. Yippee! I hardly ever win anything, and I'm just thrilled! Thank you so much, you little 150ish sweetie. Your photos continue to amaze me with their clarity and sensitivity. I'll be interested to see what you do with your blobs. hugs, nancy

  2. Congrats Nanke for winning....enjoy your gift and thanks to Vicki our gracious hostess.

  3. I like the blob idea, might have a go..I immediately thought of insects, don't know why!
    Well done to Nancy, the book couldn't have gone to a nicer person :)

  4. I wonder who came up with that name and why. In any case, your photograph is beautiful. And your exercises from your new book look intriguing. I hope you'll post what your final version of this project is. Thanks for sharing

  5. 1. Loved doing the paint blob unit too!
    2. who ever named that sweet little bird didn't know a belly from a head..needed to get his eyes checked.
    3. Congrats to Nancy for winning!!
    4. Way to go practicing with the brushes!

  6. Being an avid birder, I have to comment on the photo of the Red bellied Woodpecker and how it got it's name: As hard as it may be to believe, the bird has a slight pink tint to the belly feathers if you could look at it up close (as an in hand specimen) but is difficult to see even with a scope or high powered bins. I have a book which gives the names of all American birds. They had already named the Red-headed Woodpecker, whose whole head is red, so this one couldn't have been named the same.

    The little blob paintings look interesting and I'll be waiting to see what becomes of them.

    Playing with your watercolors is an excellent way to get a feel for how the paint behaves and blends. It's a fascinating medium.


  7. Congratulations Nancy! Wonderful photo too!