Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Photo of the Day, Molly Murrah's WC Class, and Sketches

I have what I think is a very interesting photo for you today. It is one that explains to me why some children are afraid of frogs. I particularly like frogs and spend lots of time with the little girls in the backyard along the creek spotting them. I don't think I've ever seen teeth before, though.

Doesn't he/she look a bit menacing?? I told the girls I thought it was a parent with babies nearby.

I've had a couple of requests to share a bit of what I learned in last Friday's Creative Techs free online WC class with Molly Murrah. Here is what I learned:

- her favorite WC paper is Arches 140# cold press
- she prefers to paint on the smoother side (I've always used the rougher side)
- she showed a beautiful portrait she did years ago of her son on something called Aquaboard and said it is a dream to paint on      
- she also likes to sometimes paint over a thin layer of acrylic gel medium
- she talked about brush care (basic) and did a few washes, both flat and graded
- she brushed across several different kinds and weights of paper, including Yupo to show how the color looked on each one.

I have a question about what side of the paper you paint on - rough or smooth?

I intended to get some painting done yesterday, but between visiting my grandgirls, going to the dentist and grocery shopping at two different locations, I only got a few sketches of ideas done. I could have painted in the evening, but the Tigers were playing the Yankees and I really got caught up in the game. And the Tigers won - go Tigers!!

Here are some of the ideas I am thinking of trying in watercolor:

I actually drew the blues with a fountain pen. I've been playing a bit with them lately - actually since I got the Rhodia Webnotebook and they write like a dream. I had a couple of Shaeffers that I had gotten on sale long ago and really like them. I now also have a Lamy Safari and a dip pen with some chocolate colored ink. I would like to teach myself to make better lettering and am practicing to that end. I'll share as I go.

I am going to Ann Arbor with an art friend today and hope to get some "live" sketching done. I am hoping I won't feel so strange and intimidated this time. This will be the second time we do this. I will share my efforts with you tomorrow.

For now, I need some coffee and then I'd like to spend some time reading the many (sometimes it seems like too many) blogs to which I subscribe before getting a wee bite for breakfast and getting ready to go.



  1. I didn't know frogs have teeth! I don't remember seeing them when I dissected them in school, but we weren't exactly focused on their mouth. Your sketches look like they'll make great paintings! As for your question, I use either side, depending on what I'm painting. hugs, nancy

  2. I really like the leaf sketch, are they hostas? I didn't know frogs have teeth either. How odd!

  3. Vicki, thanks for sharing! And what an amazing photo--I've seen frogs' teeth before,but never that BIG.

  4. What a strange frog, could he have something in his mouth??
    I like the hostas too.

  5. Really nice sketches, and I think that photo is a great shot for sketching/drawing too! And no I didn't know frogs have teeth too o___O

  6. Great photo and sketches! Maybe the frog just has a pattern to its skin that makes it look like teeth?? I've seen frog's teeth before, and the ones I saw were tiny.

  7. That is a scary looking frog! Thanks for posting about the class. I'm in an oil workshop this week - talk about intense! After that, I have watercolor on Fridays so I hope you can continue to share with us about her class. Your paintings are coming along very nicely. Keep up the good work!!!