Monday, August 30, 2010

Photo of the Day, EDM #18, Sketching and Mail Art

I love the "hum" of the tree toads in the evening, but have never seen one up close up. One year we had one living in a wren house, but all I ever saw was the very front edge of it's face. Yesterday, the hubster called me out on the deck to see this little guy. Isn't he the cutest?

The brown "tail" behind him is a dried leaf.

I am finally getting back into the sketchbook that I originally dedicated to the EDM challenges. I actually wrote each of the challenges in order in it. Here is my attempt at #18 "view from a window".

This was drawn using a black Staedtler Triplus fineliner.

I also tried to sketch my great niece whose photo I posted last week. I think it looks a bit like her, but I really need to practice more.

I also wanted to show you the beautiful card I received in the mail from my online arty friend, Alex. It is absolutely beautiful. If you don't know Alex, you should definitely pay him a visit and add him to your list of favorite blogs.

I so love getting art in the mail. I also have an online friend in Las Vegas who sent me a lovely package of watercolor magazines of which she had duplicates. She doesn't have a blog or I would give you a link to it. I truly have some wonderful friends here.

I have a busy day today and can't wait to get started. I need to have a bit of breakfast, get on the treadmill, shower, grocery shop, check out the Zumba class at Sarah Vaughn's School of Dance, and I have my first three hour watercolor class in Jackson tonight. I am anxious in a good way, but quite nervous because of my lack of knowledge and/or skill in watercolor. Of course, why else would I pay for lessons??

I can't wait to tell you all about it tomorrow!



  1. Your little guy is, indeed, very cute (although not everyone would agree .... like my sweetie, for instance). Your bird looks terrific, and Molly's daughter is lovely. I'm eager to hear about the watercolor class (also Zumba!). hugs nancy

  2. I love your little toad and wish I could hear his "song." I hope the Zumba class goes well and I have to admit I have no idea what that is! Good luck with your watercolors.

  3. I like what the frogs eyes look like, neat... and he is cute. Good luck with the watercolour class, cant wait to see what you will post from it (if you do : )

  4. I didn't even know there were toads that live in the trees. Really cute photo! Your sketches are wonderful, too!
    Sounds like you're a real busy woman to me. I hope you enjoyed your watercolor class!

  5. Love the chickadee, of course...I'm the bird lover who travels all over the continent to see them and add to my life list. We have Mountain Chickadees here, none in the valley tho, so they are not yard birds like you find in the midwest/east.

    The tree frog photo is the first I've ever seen of this species. We don't have them here...they'd bake to death in our extreme heat. I'll have to check out the sound they make on a nature site.

    The drawing of your niece is very nice. You will only get better at this with all the time you're devoting to art projects. Good for you for staying motivated.

    The mail art from Alex is superb! It's filled with color and "life"...I love it. Do you have a link to his blog? I'll bookmark his site so I can visit. Is he a Michigander too?

    You're very welcome for the art mags. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Didn't even think to send the envelope as mail art...DUH! It was a big one too. Next time.

  6. Thanks Vicki for the a slot of me in the post ^^ Showed it to my wife and very proud of it.
    I really like that frog, and speaking of that I was helping a friend moving his boat-house this morning, and his place is full of tiny little frogs.... boy was I in for a surprise there =)
    I like the sketch of the bird, and your great niece's sketch turns out real good!

  7. Nice drawing I wish I had the courage to draw
    Something anything but dont
    Know how to start.


  8. What a cute little all you need to do is draw him!

  9. A view from your window is such a great sketch! And I recognize your grand niece; it is getting close! Good luck with your watercolor lesson!

    We have loads of tree frogs and toads out where I live. Sometimes I wish I had a decibel meter because it gets so loud at night!