Friday, August 13, 2010

Photo of the Day and Playing with WC

Good morning,

It is Friday the 13th and I think it is going to be a wonderful day, don't you?

Here is today's photo:

I don't think one photo is enough today. Here is another:

Don't you just love nature?

I also have a picture of yesterday's lunch accompanied by a couple of roses the hubster cut for me:

I don't know why I didn't remove the napkin before snapping this!

I also played with watercolors after lunch and I mean played. I held the brush quite far back on the handle and just played. I'm not sure this counts as watercolor art, but I am quite pleased with it. I don't exactly love it, but I am pleased enough with how it turned out.

I slept in today and have a busy day planned. The hubster is taking me out to lunch and then I am going to my daughter's house (she will be at work) to watch a watercolor workshop with Molly Murrah. If I try to watch it with at home my hughesnet connection, it is very slow and I usually go over my bandwidth allowance which kicks me off for 24 hours.

I am so pleased to have this place to share and such wonderful readers who take the time to leave me comments and suggestions.

And, by the way, if you haven't already left a comment on this past Monday's post to get a chance to win a new Rhodia Webnotebook, do so now. I will be choosing the winner using a random number some time early Monday morning. Good luck to you all!



  1. pretty good I'd this what your muse looks like ya think? there must be some kind of connection. :)

  2. I have a plein air class today and will miss Molly's presentation. Will you be posting about it? Please?

    Keep up the painting!!! I'm also a beginner - isn't it fun?!

  3. I love the looseness of this drawing. Good job. You are coming right along in your efforts!

  4. I like your watercolor! It's fun to work the brush as far up the handle as you can. Your work reminds me of the beautiful brushwork that I see in Sargent's watercolors. Do you suppose he did this kind of exercise too?

    Cool photos too, by the way!

  5. Nice photos! I really like the colors of the first one, those bright orange-y yellow tones! <3

    Can't see your watercolor painting tough, the file seems broken (or is it my computer/internet connection?), unfortunately.

    PS: I just watched Molly's ustream workshop too and thought of you. ;)
    Can't wait for the last two classes, they sound the most interesting and fun of all!

  6. That's right! "Playing" with Watercolor ^^ That's what I do with all my art tools too...teeheeeheee, and yes it definitely turns out beautifully, and I like the photoshot!

  7. I think your watercolor sketch turned out great! Wonderful photos too!

  8. I agree - beautiful photos and the loose portrait is really good! hugs, nancy