Thursday, August 12, 2010

Photo of the Day and a Watercolor Flower

Today's photo is of a yellow ladyslipper that I transplanted from the UP to my own backyard. They are a protected plant which means you cannot pick them, but this one was in the right of way and would have been mowed down by the county. And, technically, I didn't pick it; I simply moved it.

I tried something yesterday that I thought would be easier than the landscape with barns that was my first attempt, but am not sure I have managed to do any better with it.

This is an imaginary flower; I didn't model it after anything I know. I tried to make the background a mixture that would mix more on the paper than on my palette, but it didn't turn out quite like I wanted it to. Overall, it seemed a bit flat, so I added the black ink afterward. I find it very hard to show depth and "shadow" with shades of yellow.

Ideas? Suggestions?

I am tutoring today and need to get on the treadmill again. After that I need to spend some time working on the next Unit in the Drawing Lab. I also have a book from the library called, "The Natural Way to Draw" by Kimon Nicolaides and I want to try some of the exercises in it, especially the contour drawing. The first assignment in the book is 3 hours of contour drawing. I am not sure I can spend 3 hours, but I'd really like to try his method.

It rained most of the day yesterday and was very humid and I think it I am expecting more of the same today. I am tired of a closed up house with the air on and am anxious for cooler temps. When I complain about the heat and humidity, the hubster reminds me that it won't be long and I will be complaining about the cold; and he is so right.
Gotta go and get my first mug of coffee and do a bit of art before my tutee arrives. See you,



  1. whatcho talkin bout girl? the background is awesome!!!!

  2. For an imaginary flower is really something there! And I think the background is fine gives the flowers a mysterious feel =) I like!

  3. It is very lovely as is, but if you wanted to make the flower pop from the background, or darker yellows, perhaps adding some purple to the yellow for some grays, or a touch of red to the yellow to deepen the yellows.

  4. I think this is beautiful. I really love it. Atta girl!

  5. I like this as it is, sunny colours and good background, all from your imagination!

  6. I love it! ESPECIALLY the background!

  7. You're coming along nicely with your watercolor work. I especially like the upper left hand corner of the background! nancy