Monday, August 23, 2010

Photo of the Day, Guest Artists, and a Sketch WIP

Today is my youngest sister's birthday. I think she is 43. I sometimes have a hard time with ages in the family, but always remember birthdays. I know for most people remembering that kind of information is quite simple and they are probably wondering what is wrong with me, but I have a legitimate excuse. You see I am the 8th of the 14 children in my family and the birthday girl is the 14th. I was away trying out my wings while she was still too little to talk properly and the older siblings were married and living away when I was still in early elementary school.

Today's photo is of a volunteer in my front yard. We did not plant any sunflowers this year, but I am happy to see them anyway, even in places where you least expect them.

I had a couple of guest artists over this weekend and am pleased to showcase their art here:

This is Miss 7. She is a natural artist. This painting was made with Copic markers and depicts the garden Papa planted in her back yard. From the left she has string beans, sunflower, tomatoes and potatoes. 

This is Miss Almost 3. She, too, is a natural artist. She did not share with me what the subject of her painting was and I suspect she was doing some kind of color chart. Although I think I see a butterfly on that paper.

I have a sketch in progress for you. I am not happy with it yet - the head is too flat and the mouth is a disaster. 

It is supposed to be Miss 7 and amazingly enough her first cousin knew who it was right away when I showed it to her. I would like to fine tune it a bit and then paint it with watercolors.

I am leaving for the UP later this morning and will be without internet access. I will take a sketchbook and maybe work on the Drawing Lab or EDM challenges. Of course, there is the chance that I will be playing so much Yahtzee and Cribbage and watching the Tigers that I won't have a chance to draw at all.

At any rate I will be back some time Wednesday and will try to catch up with you then. I am planning to take my camera and get some good photos to share and to use as subjects for my next watercolor attempts.

I will miss you while I am gone, but look forward to catching up when I return. One of the most enriching activities for me is reading my email and checking the links to view all your wonderful art and of course reading the blogs to which I subscribe. I am always amazed by all the fabulous, warm and sharing artists there are out there all around the world and feel very lucky to "know" you all.



  1. It's apparent that the guest artists are loaded with natural talent! I think they get it from their maternal grandmother. The photo is lovely, and your drawing is a great start. It only needs a bit of tweaking! hugs, nancy

  2. Thanks for the sunflower photo -- they always make a day a little brighter. And have a good trip to the UP. I hope you get some good sketches.

  3. I adore sunflowers...they are happy flowers. Helps that yellow is one of my fav. colors. I'll bet a little bird "planted" this seed for you.

    The girls pix are so good...we were all natural artists at these ages, before we let the critical, right brain take over and convince us that we're not good enough...or like my kindergarten teacher who berated me for painting a pink cow, then punished me and made me sit in the trash bin next to furnace. Class room was in the basement, this was in St. Louis.
    Why are those kind of teachers allowed to "teach" children? I didn't pick up crayon or a paint brush until I was in my 60's!

    14 kids! Yikes. I nearly went insane only having two! HA. Doesn't Celine Deon have 13 or 14 sibs? I don't know how those mothers do it.

  4. Awwww...the guest artists did an amazing job with all the beautiful colors and the gorgeous lines =) Great job!

  5. I can definitely see Miss 7 in that sketch. The eyes are perfect. Have a good few days away! I love your photos - I've recently picked up my camera again and am trying to keep it with me so it's ready when I see a good shot!

  6. What beautiful artwork you have all created! And I thought your sketch looked like Miss 7 before you even told me!