Friday, December 2, 2011

More on the Adirondack Chairs

The last time I worked on the Adirondacks on the Beach painting, I decided I wasn't at all happy with the dunes behind the chairs and I walked away in frustration. That may be part of the reason my muse went AWOL. Each time I would look at the painting (I intentionally left it up where I could see it.), I knew I wanted to change up the background, but I just couldn't get past the mental stage.

On Thanksgiving Day, my sister in law mentioned that she thought I could change the background and she agreed that adding a grassy hill behind would be a possible solution and perhaps that little bit of reinforcement helped me to finally begin. My sister in law is quite a good watercolor artist and I trust her input.

So, for what it is worth, here is what I have so far - be aware that this is just a rough in to see if I even like the idea of green behind. I now have to decide just what that hill is going to look like - shall it be just grasses with a bit of variety of color in it? will there be a few bushes? Perhaps some small trees?

I am spending the day with my dear friend, Nancy, and hope that just being with her will make some of her "artiness" transfer itself to me.

I will be at East Jackson High School with the hubster tomorrow at a craft show sponsored by the band boosters. That means that we have to pack the truck this afternoon. The show is scheduled to run from 10 am to 4 pm. I think set up begins at 6 am, but I am hoping that means we can go around 8. The hubster makes and sells lovely wood crafts. I am expecting that we will be displaying forts, barns, walking sticks, a variety of signs, towel racks, coat trees, bird feeders.... he may have some things that I haven't seen yet.

Miss Z is coming in the evening on Saturday and staying overnight until Sunday afternoon. I am so looking forward to that. She is pulling herself up and standing now and is so much fun. It won't be long before I have to put locks on the cupboard doors in the kitchen and put the doorknob thingys back on. It seems like I just took them off from when Miss M was at that stage.

I am hoping to make some more journals in the near future. That means I need to get to the print shop and get some paper cut to size. I just bought a new tool from Amazon. It is a Neiko hand held power punch, which is actually for metal punching, but I am hoping it will work with book board to make the process of punching holes easier. I will let you know how it goes. I suppose I should get some made soon so that I can offer them for sale as Christmas gifts. I know that a handmade journal is a great gift and I've already put it off too long. 

I do have some at if you haven't been over to look lately.

I am hoping to spend more time making art this month and look forward to sharing it with you. I must say I've missed both my art and you. I hope you are warm and secure in your art space and that you are finding time to create.


  1. I'm sitting by the fireplace with my morning tea reading this, beautiful painting and I always love to visit here always so positive you are, have a wonderful weekend

  2. So I just visited your store, and came away fairly drooling over all the beautiful journals you have on offer . . . I especially love the one with the dark mi teintes papers! It's so rich!

    Your adirondack chairs look simply smashing!! I truly love the changes you've made; it's somewhat abstracted and I think the simple composition is just right. This is only my humble opinion, but if it were me, I would add just the tiniest bit of the detail to the chairs, darken the shadows a bit, and put that beauty in a frame! What does your sister-in-law say?

    Have a great day with Nancy!

  3. I like the green background, I could see some tiny bits of reds in foliage, and some shells, etc in the foreground.

  4. Yes, the green is wonderful! I like it much better than the sand color and it sets off the chairs beautifully! I think your muse is back!! hugs, nancy

  5. The chairs are looking good. Best wishes on the sale.

  6. Looking good the chairs. =) Sale sounds fun! Best of luck

  7. I love the developing story of the Adirondack chairs--they seem to follow you through the seasons. Have much success at the sale!

  8. I like the green bank, it reminds me of a the dunes at the seaside. I don't think it needs much altering at all.

  9. I think it is a great addition - adds interest and love the color!!