Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pencil Sketches and A Kitty Update

Following my conditioning workout and my half hour run on the treadmill, I ran into town to take my brother in law to the hospital for outpatient surgery. Before I had a chance to sketch anyone in the family waiting room, it was explained to me that the patient probably would not be ready for me to take home until 5 or 6 pm. It was just 1 pm when they told me this. I followed his advice and after wishing him good luck and promising to be back to pick him up (and exchanging cell phone numbers) I went on my way.

On the way to pick up the BIL at his house, I stopped for gas only to find that Miss M and her mom were at the pump next to me. After leaving the hospital around 1, I called the daughter to give her an update and headed for the grocery store. I left a message on her phone. When she called me back it was to find that she and Miss M were at the Wendy's across the street. I waited for them and the three of us did a good grocery shopping. At the end of the shopping trip we parted company.

When I was ready to head back to the hospital (I decided that unless I heard otherwise that I would be back by 5 pm), I stopped at the daughter's house and picked up Miss M so she could go with me and then I would take her to my house. Her sister, Miss P, has two back to back hour long dance classes on Wednesdays. Miss M and I went to the hospital to find that BIL (Uncle Mike to Miss M) was ready for us to come back to see him. He was drinking juice and patiently waiting to be released. He was a bit dozy. When he was ready Miss M and I took him to a pharmacy for his prescription. The hospital had faxed it to them. I left BIL in the car and Miss M and I went to get the prescription, but it wouldn't be ready for about 20 minutes, so we took him home where we found his teenage son home from school and left him in good hands while we went back to the pharmacy. After taking the medicine to the patient, Miss M and I went to my house. By this time it was going on 7 pm and she and I were both tired.

Then the fun began - Miss M met the kitty and it was love at first sight. She has given her the name Ellabear (don't ask me because I don't know). We fed her some of the canned kitty food I'd bought at the grocery store and found a piece of string to play with her. Shortly thereafter, my daughter and Miss P came from dance class and we had dinner. It has been decided that I will call the vet my daughter knows and schedule an appointment for a complete check over and any shots along with a spay (I think it is a girl) and front claw removal. Once that is successfully completed, Ella (short for Ellabear) will be introduced into their household - hopefully Trevor the adult cat that already lives with them will be accepting.

After the girls went home, I decided to do a couple of sketches before retiring for the night. They were pretty quick and just outlines. I didn't do any shading or coloring.

The right arm (the one on the left) appears to be rotated out from the chair and needs some repair. Other than that, I rather like it.

This is one of those gorgeous yellow and purple irises with stripes of gold in it. I think I need to do a watercolor of this one of these days.

This morning my friend, Nancy, and I are going to life drawing class together and then we are taking her iPad to lunch at Panera to play with it a bit. After that I will call the vet and get the ball rolling on the kitty situation. Then, once I've done my obligatory hour on the treadmill, I will decide what kind of art to do.

What are you doing today? Are you finding time for your art? I hope so.



  1. I definitely think you should do one or those beautiful iris' in color! Love your sketch. And I think you should take it easy one of these days. You make my head spin with all the things you get done in one day!

  2. Hooray for Ella!!! The chair is really good - much better than any of the others you've done. And the iris! Terrific, and it will look beautiful with color on it. I'm leaving in a second to come and get you - I'm looking forward to it! hugs, nancy

  3. Sounds like you didn't really stop all day!...hope BIL is recovering well. Love little Ellabear, what gorgeous colouring she is.

  4. Very well done! :) And such a cute child...