Sunday, November 30, 2008

AEDM and Where Has the Time Gone

It is the last day of November. Where has it gone? I wish there was some way I could make it slow down - not really slow -but about 1/2 as fast as it is going now.

I have been working on a 33 1/3 rpm vinyl record for a couple of days now. It has layers of gesso, dictionary pages, bits of this and that, acrylic paint, stamps, and monocolor. I bought several of these at a thrift shop in St. Ignace when I was home for Mom's birthday last month and have looked at them thoughtfully several times, but this is the first time I have actually begun to do something with one of them. I just put a layer of white gesso over the whole thing and wiped it away a bit, especially over the figure of a pretty dress and girly figure with the dog's head and the dictionary page that describes vinyl records. I don't have a theme in mind yet, but when I do I will get to work on the final few layers and then show it to you.

Meanwhile I made an ATC for Dianne, who sent me her card for a swap and I am quite pleased with it. I will get it in the mail tomorrow and hope she will like it.

DD informed me yesterday that for the month of December she would be working six (6) days a week. That means this was/is my last weekend off until the new year. I was thinking this would make December a long, long month, but looking back at my first paragraph, I think it will fly.

She works from 2 until close today, which means I will have 2 girls most of today. That means that if I am to get any "art" time today, it has to be this morning. So I'd better get busy.

Until next time, don't forget to live in the moment.


  1. Vivki - it has been a pleasure meeting you through AEM - thanks so much for the proximity award, and for the treasures you have made shared with the rest of us over November. I believe December will come and go quickly - it always does and I'm left in the new year wondering how in the world it got there so fast! Happy Holidays!

  2. Doesn't time zip by! Lovely card - & how intriguing your record project sounds! Do post when you've finished it/ a few!
    I got more involved in Soul Coaching, so let my art posts & doing slide (played harp, did bits) . . . hope to pick up more in Dec, as my child care time seems to be slowing down!

  3. Tammy,

    I am so pleased with the new friends I've made through AEDM and hope to continue to see you here and make visits to your blog.

  4. Dia,

    Thanks for stopping by. My child care duties are sometimes overwhelming, but I try to make time for art anyway. I will definitely post pix when I get the record done and will probably start another one.

  5. Hey Vicki, you are so productive. I really like the sound of your altered record. Remember those days of playing records *g*. I still play some occasionally - the kids think it is a real treat. You are so wonderful looking after your grandchildren, I am looking forward to grandchildren (in about 10 years!), but don't think I would like looking after them THAT much! LOL. Have enough of that at work. I'm sure you will get lots done. Hugs.