Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where Did June Go?

Can you believe it is July already? For some reason I thought that when I retired, time would slow down; that is not the case. I honestly don't know how I ever had the time to go to work.

I have been working on altered dominoes again. I have several hanging in my husband's craft space at the Maple Street Mall in Mason and am planning to take some to the Chelsea Farmers' Market on Saturday.

If you look carefully, you can see the domino necklaces hanging from the top near the middle.

I am discovering the properties of the different paints and stamp inks by trial and error. Several of them look great until I try to apply a finish coat and then they smear like crazy. I used a heat gun on them, so don't know exactly how to do it. Maybe I can get some advice from Suzan Buckner. She is, after all, the person who first got me interested in altered dominoes. If you are unfamiliar with Suzan, you've got to visit her site. She not only creates some wonderful things, but she writes in a fun and interesting style. You'll notice that her "theme" is the same as mine. She had it first and I liked it so much I followed the link at the bottom of her home page and got it for myself.

Gotta go get some coffee and get started!

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  1. Cute little set-up Dave has! Good luck with your sales - I think they'll go like hotcakes. nancy