Friday, January 28, 2011

Australian Open and Blind Contour Friday

The Australian Open is wrapping up this weekend and then maybe I will have more time to make art. I have been staying up until all hours watching and I've seen some really great matches. The Li Na/Wozniaki match was spectacular as was the Clijsters/Zvonareva match. Clijsters and Li Na will meet to decide the Champion on Saturday. I really like both players, but am rooting for Clijsters.

Meanwhile I had Little Miss 3 all day yesterday and her sister Miss 8 got off the bus at my house so I had a real excuse for not getting any art done and today Little Miss 3 is coming very soon and her sister has an early release day today. I think her bus will arrive some time just after 2. I have every intention of doing some art with them this afternoon, but I have a haircut appointment late this morning and need to make a stop at the grocery store to get the pork chops that Miss 8 has requested for dinner tonight.

I did get up to draw a blind contour as it is Blind Contour Friday and hope you are not tired of my special bear that I like to try to sketch:

And here is a sighted sketch. I am hoping that the more times I sketch her, the better I will get at it.

I hope you have a very nice weekend and I hope to have something bookish and something watercolorish (you know I love to make up words) to show you when I "see" you on Monday.



  1. Busy, busy, busy!! I don't know how you do it all. Your bear drawings are getting better and better, my dear! Hugs, nancy

  2. Hi Vicki, Your bear is nicely done. Such a sweet face! I'm all for drawing things multiple times! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. What a sweet little bear! I hope Clijsters (sp?) wins and puts some triumph in your weekend. "See" you Monday.

  4. Aw, he looks like he needs a hug this week. Very sweet.

  5. I think it would be so interesting to keep doing this bear, and then after a certain amount of time, line them all up in chronological order to compare! No, not tire of him! (her?)

  6. I understand it's your birthday; I hope you have a festive one!

  7. Yes, I think what Raena said would be very interesting, to see the progress as you do these drawings.