Monday, January 3, 2011

Magnificent Monday

The sun is shining brightly and all appears to be right in my world. It seems like a really long time since I've posted to my blog - like maybe my last post was last year :-)

In this new year, I've joined two very different journal projects and have combined them into one. I am not sure how long that is going to last, but for now I am enjoying it. I have a link to each of them in the sidebar on the right - The Sketchbook Challenge (which I shall refer to as SC) and Milliande Art Journal January 2011 (which I shall refer to as MAJ). I have been a fan of Milliande's for a very long time. She has lots of wonderful, creative videos on YouTube as well as a wonderful community site online.

Here is my first day's contribution:

The SC theme for January is "highly prized". I read that while enjoying my first mug of coffee so I began this page by drawing my coffee in my favorite cup and then I felt a bit guilty for thinking of coffee first, but I was in the moment. I was thinking about the things that I prize highly and trying to think how to incorporate them on this page while reading the blogs to which I subscribe and found myself reading the one on Milliande's blog which contained the first video of the month for MAJ. Her video which you can watch/download here was all about patterning and zebras. That might explain the rest of this page.

The hubster and I went up to the Maple Street Mall in Mason to set up a small booth which includes a a cabinet he made for my handmade journals and as we were setting up I sold the small travel journal that was listed on my Handmade Books page. I was thrilled. The booth looks great and focuses on my handmade journals and the hubster's custom signs. I should have taken my camera so I could share a picture with you. I will take one next time I am up at the mall.
When we got home I watched the second day's video for MAJ in which she did a mandala with three zebras and then cut it apart to use on a page spread. I am not sure yet that I am going to be making collages in this book, but who knows??? For my second day, I did a two page spread featuring a bit of doodling and the oldest two of my three grandgirls.

I used the light box that my friend, Nancy, loaned to me to get a quick likeness of the girls on the right. It felt like cheating, but I really wanted it to look like them and my drawing of them freehand is still not always successful. I am planning to do some sketching of them later in this journal and then I will not care so much if they can tell it is them. They will, of course, be asking to see my journal next time I see them. They are my biggest fans and give me lots of praise and encouragement. You know that my next page (today) will have a picture of Little Miss 3 on it. I didn't forget her. As a matter of fact, I have the cutest picture of her from ballet class.

I wish I could somehow slow down this year so I could keep her 3 for a long time.

Today I have to run errands - the recycle bins are overflowing, we are out of water, milk, oj, eggs and salad fixings. I have a flannel shirt that the hubster got me for Christmas that is too small to take back and trade for a larger one. Office Max is having a "take 20% off everything you can fit in this bag" sale and I may stop there for some lined paper and printer inks. 

I have a date with the treadmill later this afternoon. I've added a page to keep track of my mileage and so far in just two days have jogged/walked more than 5 miles. I decided that posting my mileage would help me to keep those dates with that machine.

I saw a great tut on making a journal at The Sketchbook Challenge website and am going to try to make one with lined paper to take to Florida in February in which to document our trip. I will share it with you when I have it made. I am already thinking of ways to switch up the stitching to make it more my own.

If I am going to get to all the things I have planned for today done, I'd better get on my way. I hope you are all well and happy and having a great 2011 so far.



  1. Congratulations on selling your hand made journal! Your little Miss 3 certainly is a cutie. It must be great fun to be able to watch her in her ballet class. And thanks to the link to the Sketchbook site. I printed out the instructions on making their journal.

  2. I don't know how you manage to do it all,but you continue to amaze me. I love the post and the pics of your little sweeties (both drawn and taken)! hugs, nancy

  3. Very clever idea to combine two challenges into one, haha. I did consider joining Milliande's January journal challenge but decided it was overcommitting myself. Your granddaughters are gorgeous and their doting grandma is amazing!

  4. Definitely fun sketches! =) I am glad you are having an awesome day hitting 2 birds with 1 stone with the challenges and while having fun

  5. Awwwww, the little sweetie is so cute! The sketches are adorable and good luck with the challenges!

  6. Well, we all seem to be doing the same January starts-Miliande, Sketchbook challenge, Strathmore... Your cup of coffee looks yummy!

  7. Yes, congratulations on selling your book!! How fun that you both have something to sell in your booth!

    Great sketches and little miss 3 looks adorable!!