Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Errands and Hot Italian Sausage and Black Bean Soup

I didn't get anything tangible done yesterday or so far today. The hubster and I ran errands yesterday stopping at Toys R Us, Best Buy, JoAnn's, Meijer's, and The Toy House. By the time we got home and put the groceries away it was almost time for afternoon coffee.

First I made a pot of my current favorite soup:

Black Bean and Sausage Soup
½ cup carrots, chopped
½ cup onion, chopped
½ cup celery, chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
1 can diced tomatoes with juice, 14.5 oz can
1 Tablespoon thyme
1 Tablespoon basil
1 Tablespoon cumin
1 quarts chicken stock
2 cans black beans, 15.25 oz cans
½ pound cooked hot italian sausage

1. Sauté the vegetables in olive oil.
2. Add chicken stock, tomatoes, beans and sausage.
3. Add spices. Cook slowly until tender, about an hour and a half.

After coffee, the neighbor boy came over for help with his Algebra. I read a novel until bedtime and went to bed with an extremely sore left arm. I am guessing tendonitis as I've had it before in that arm, but usually higher up. I laid in bed for two hours worrying and wondering if it was something more serious before I got up and took a Vicodin and went to sleep.

Of course, that means that I am a bit lethargic this morning. The daughter came out around 9:30 with Little Miss 3 and had coffee and then spent several hours visiting. It was great, but it means that I didn't get anything else done. I have to drive to Stockbridge in  a couple of hours to tutor another Algebra student. I am hoping to do a bit of art this evening.

I am sitting here with an ice wrap around my arm hoping for some relief. I suppose I should take some kind of anti-inflammatory too.
I did take a picture of the hubster's latest cutting board. I love this one:

The picture doesn't really do it justice.

I have to get ready for my afternoon tutoring session and have a bit of soup for lunch before I go.



  1. Love that recipe! I'm a foodie also! Found you through CED...I linked up with your art hop-I hope my photography and homemade textures count-if not-please let me know and I'll remove.

    Nice to meet you,

  2. Hope your arm is feeling better. Some days are just like that, despite our best intentions things don't always go according to our time frame. Love your hubby's cutting board, it is really stunning.

  3. That cutting board is terrific! The swirls in the wood sort of make me think of brush strokes. Hope your arm feels better soon.

  4. Vicki, I hope your arm is better this afternoon and that you get a good night's sleep tonight. I am truly amazed at your husband's cutting board. It makes me wonder how on earth he does that!

  5. Do you really cut on them? Does that not chop them up?
    It is so beautiful!

  6. Bummer about your arm. Hope that it is better by now. The cutting board is soooo nice.

  7. Could the tendinitis come from book making? Using your hands, arms in unusual ways? Hope not, but you've been really going at the book making, so maybe a little respite is in order?

    The cutting board is beautiful. I'd be afraid to use it for cutting though.

    Get better.

  8. Tendonitis - yuck! I hope it's feeling better by the time you read this. The cutting board is beautiful, and the soup sounds delicious. I wonder if it would bite Sweeties stomach .... I don't think it would bite mine - I think I'll make it. BTW, we had a bowl of the wonderful chicken soup you told us about for dinner tonite. It hit the spot! hugs, nancy

  9. I can't wait to try the soup, and the cutting board is gorgeous with all the texture. I hope your arm is better soon...tendonitis is no fun!

  10. I will make the soup just a little different and a pan of cornbread. I have been diagnosed with tendinitis in my right shoulder. Something really strange happened one time. The doctor said lets hope it never comes back. Knock on a big piece of wood.
    I hope it never occurs again.

  11. Hope your arm is feeling better soon!! Your husbands craftsmanship is just amazing!!

  12. Oh, that cutting board is almost too pretty to use. Hope your arm gets to feeling better. Same thing happens to me when I use my e-reader. I hold it for hours with one hand forgetting to take breaks or switch arms and end up aching.