Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thoroughly Thursday

I am so glad that I decided to walk on the treadmill yesterday even though my knees were a little sore. Instead of the slow jog I walked for an hour at a very pleasant 3 mph at zero incline. It was wonderful. I think I will do it again today.

Afterward I decided to make my travel journal that I would take on our trip next month. A couple of days ago I posted a link to a tut on the Sketchbook Challenge site for making a sketchbook. Well, I kinda/sorta used that tut, but I changed it up a bit. I already had a couple of covered boards that I'd used coordinating wallpaper on so I cut and folded my paper to make my signatures and then used the same wallpaper from the inside of the covers to make a spine. Instead of the pamphlet stitch that was used in the tut, I chose to make my stitching Xs as described in Keith Smith's book "1-2-&3-Section Sewings". I am thrilled with how it turned out.

It is the perfect size for me. It fits quite comfortably in the palm of my hand and will be easy to carry in my small handbag. It measures approximately 3.5 x 4.5. There are a couple of things I will do differently when I make another one like this. The wallpaper is an offwhite on the backside and when I pulled the needle through the holes some of that color showed through - next time I will use a paper that is the same color on both sides. I put a little too much paper in it for the width of the spine I used, but I really don't mind that it doesn't lie flatly closed.

What do you think?

I think I will find some kind of elastic wrap to put around it horizontally to keep it more secure in my handbag.

I can't wait to make another like this one. This may be my all time favorite style yet!!

I didn't do a new page in my SC journal, but I did get a ruler and pen and try to straighten up yesterday's. I also added a bit of color. I had to use colored pencil as this journal doesn't take water media at all.

Well, I think I hear the treadmill calling. I need a bowl of cereal and fruit and then I am on that bad boy. My goal is for a minimum of 10 miles a week and I am already over 13, so I think I can take tomorrow off.  I am planning to spend some time tomorrow with my good friend, Nancy, and am really looking forward to it.

Until tomorrow.......



  1. The book is fantastic! I really like the style of the spine (and that beautiful orange)! Lovely!

  2. Hi Vicki, I am most impressed! The book looks wonderful! I can't imagine what it takes to do one. Nice drawing too! Interesting angle of the house.

  3. I love your new little sketchbook. It should fit perfectly in your purse with your other art goodies. Hope you have a wonderful trip -- I know three little ones that will be missing you.

  4. I love making journals! I haven't done any for a while-decided to use some up first, lol. Your "little one" is perfect!

  5. Great job! Why don't you bring it with you tomorrow so I can see it in person? hugs, nancy

  6. I love the sketchbook you made - it is perfect. One day I will give it a go. Well done for getting back on that treadmill - you are a better gal than I! I bet you are looking forward to your trip - that sketchbook will be filled with wonderful musings and snippets, etc. from your vacation.

  7. Beautiful sketchbook!! I love the orange color!

  8. I really like the stitching on the spine of the book. Something like that would also make a lovely little photograph album for special memories!

  9. Beautiful beautiful beautiful book! And I have to say that your barn has improved. Not sure if it's the lines or the colour, but I think it's looking pretty darn good.

  10. It's a wonderful, lovely sketchbook! I hope you have great fun with it on your trip.