Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Screech Owl and Another Leather Journal

I swear the Australian Open is threatening my creativity to the max. There was another really good match to watch at 7 pm, which should have been enough for me, but I made the mistake of checking again later and found another knuckle biter that lasted until 1:30 am. I have good intentions of sketching while watching, but absolutely forget to do so.

I did make myself leave the living room long enough to sew the leather journal that was in the works yesterday. I used two needles to make an X pattern on the outside and the sewing was easy enough, but I don't think the design is as nice as the one needle leather journal that I sewed previously. My next journal will either be hard covered or soft covered with an open spine so that I can see what a 2-needle coptic looks like and what it is like to sew.

Here is my latest journal:

While I was in my work room and ignoring the tennis matches, I decided to get out my SC journal and do a sketch. I have been preoccupied this week with the screech owl living in the wood duck house so I looked him up in the bird book and attempted a sketch.

My creativity during the day yesterday also included an aromatic and tasty dinner. I put a chuck eye roast covered with herbs and a bit of liquid on the stove to cook for a couple of hours and then added garlic, onion, potatoes and carrots. It was greatly appreciated by the hubster when he got home from his prescribed hours at the mall. And there are lots of leftovers for today. Yummy!

Today I have several things that need to go in the mail so I am going to take my coffee and get it done. I will then do the treadmill for an hour (I didn't walk yesterday, but spent a couple of hours grocery shopping). I'm hoping to have something creative to show you tomorrow.....



  1. Nice screech owl and amazing journal...will you make me one. lol.

  2. Another lovely journal. I do so want to learn how to do that "x" binding ... maybe Monday? hugs, nancy

  3. Very delightful journal. Must give a lot of satisfaction to make your journals and then fill them - it's all yours and you.

  4. Love the journal and your drawing of the owl. xx

  5. Another creative day, love your journal Vicki!

  6. That is a gorgeous journal! Wonderful sketch of the owl too!

  7. What a cute little owl! I like it =)
    And the journal looks great!