Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy to be Missing the BIG Snow Storm

We just spent two days in the car spending the first night just south of Nashville, TN and arriving in Pensacola Beach around 3:30 this afternoon. We are now in the central time zone. We are very pleased with the condo we are renting and although it was very cloudy when we arrived I was still able to get a great pic from the balcony.

We just returned from a walk a couple of blocks away with my sis and her hubster to Flounders for a wonderful shrimp platter we shared and a margarita. What a great meal.

We are now back at the condo and chilling. I am going to get into some soft pants and put the feet up. I brought my special bear that I have been sketching for blind contour Friday so I have something to sketch. I am also hoping to sketch some of the birds on the beach tomorrow, that is if it doesn't rain.

I had oodles of birthday wishes on Facebook and some here on my blog and I must say it was fun even at my advanced age. I am now officially in my last year in my 50s. I am anticipating even greater things in the 60s, but that will have to wait a year.

I hope to have something arty to show you tomorrow. I hope to "see" you then.



  1. Hi Vicki, I live in Fort Walton Beach, just next door to Pensacola. I agree, Flounders is great. Whenever we go there we feel like we are on vacation!

  2. Florida! It sounds like a dream come true. If you've been watching the weather you know that we poor souls stuck in Michigan are expecting blizzard conditions tomorrow. Don't hurry back!

  3. Great enjoy! I am in the Thick of the snow Storm.
    Have fun! Stay warm. Save some Fish for me.

  4. Trying not to be jealous and not succeeding. Happy Birthday, tho!

  5. Hope you have a lovely time...and happy birthday!

  6. I am glad you don't have to go through what was all over the news. =) Beautiful photo!

  7. Oh, you lucky dog! I'll be thinking of you even more as I gaze out at the foot of snow that will be here by tomorrow nite! Glad the trip down went well for you. I know you'll have a great time! hugs, nancy