Thursday, January 13, 2011

Slotted Spine Journal

I didn't flip a coin, but I've been wanting to try a slotted spine journal for some time, so that is what I did. I like it. It was easy to sew and is a nice size. It lays flat when opened and has nice smooth sketch paper inside. The cover is made of two layers of vinyl so is sturdy and washable.

It is made up of 5 signatures with 5 folios in each for a total of 100 pages. This one was pretty fun to make. The only thing I'd do differently on the next one is that I would use a bit heavier cover material so that the slots would be a little neater.

This morning the hubster and I are going up to the Maple Street Mall and then later this afternoon I am going into Stockbridge to tutor an Algebra student. In between I am planning to do some kind of art - sketching? painting? journal making?  Who knows maybe I will do more than one of those. I can't forget that tomorrow is blind contour Friday - I need to make time for that, too.

I have cleaned the master bathroom (something about being upside down with a scrub brush). Maybe that was the cause of my tendonitis. We have very hard water and even though we use a softener, we get rust and mineral buildup which requires some scrubbing to eliminate. I still need to clean the rest of the house, but there isn't much fun in that. I am having an overnight guest late next week so that will be my impetus to get it done by then.

This evening the daughter is bringing her two out to spend the evening and overnight. Tomorrow Little Miss 7 becomes Little Miss 8. Her mom has to be to work first thing in the morning so she can get out early in the afternoon to take cupcakes to school. Little Miss 3 will spend the day on Friday with me.

I hope to have something interesting to show you tomorrow.



  1. Love it.....gotta learn to do this!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is nice! It has sketching paper?
    Also, Have you peaked at my snow pictures? They are on FB and Flickr.

    Sherrie Have a wonderful time.. So, glad you tutor Algebra.

  3. Another great book! I hope your tendonitis is better today..... hugs, nancy

  4. Love the book - and I again watched all of the numbers decrease as images were downloaded. Didn't take very long....

  5. Very nice. I particularly like the stitch detail on the top and tail.

  6. Very nice ... you are the queen of handmade journals!

  7. Ooooh, very nice looking journal!