Monday, January 17, 2011

Meandering Monday

I've had a very busy and productive weekend and it seems like it lasted way longer than two days. On Friday I had Little Miss 3 all day (she and her sister Little Miss 8 stayed the night on Thursday). Actually her birthday was on Friday so the hubster and Little Miss 3 made a cake for her and when her Mom came out to pick up the little one, we sang and cut the cake. Here is my birthday girl. I think I am going to have to drop the Little from her name and just call her Miss 8.

The time passes so quickly.

On Saturday the hubster worked at the mall and I worked on projects that need to be completed. I am participating in an ATC trade through ATCs For All. The theme is footwear and is called Stepping Out. Here are my cards.

The two at the top are drawings of refrigerator magnets I have. The short boot is mine and the sneaker is supposed to be drawn ala Andrea Joseph.

I had the most wonderful mail on Saturday. I received the absolutely wonderful zine that I ordered from Andrea Joseph and I got a very cute letter from Little Miss 7 in the same post. I just love it when I get personal mail!

I have spent far too much time out of doors in this freezing weather trying to get a better picture of the screech owl that appears to be living in the wood duck house the hubster built and that is set up across the creek. I sneaked up on him yesterday and hid behind a tree until my fingers were numb, but to no avail. He is apparently camera shy. Here is what I did get from the bathroom window.

If you click on the picture you may be able to see it a little better.

I've been adding to my Treadmill Mileage page as well. I've discovered my favorite so far is to set the treadmill at 3ยบ incline and start at 3 mph. I then let the music on my iPod dictate the speed so long as it is between 3 and 3.5 mph. What a great workout. I walk for an hour and the machine says I am burning almost 400 calories. WooHoo!

I got a book from the library (actually I use World Cat through the library's online site) called Watercolour for the Absolute Beginner and I really think it will be a good one to work through. I like it so much, in fact, that I went to and ordered it for myself. I chose a notebook that I bought at Michael's long ago and gessoed the front cover and got it ready to start, but that is as far as I've gotten so far.

It is a little sappy silly, but I am hoping to start with exercise 1 and do all 70 of them.

I will share my watercolor exercise journal as I go. I was planning to do a couple of exercises last evening, but the Australian Open has begun and my life is on interrupt for awhile. I stayed up until almost 2 am this morning watching a really good match with one of my favorites, Daniela Hantuchova, but she didn't make it out of the first round. I am sure I will be watching more. I will try to use the time to do a bit of sketching as watercolor is out of the question while watching tv.

Today I will walk for an hour on the treadmill and then after my shower I am driving into town to do a bit of grocery shopping. I am planning to stop at Aldi's first and see what I can get there before going to Meijer's. My goal is to reduce my grocery bills. That is by far our biggest outlay and I am in the habit of just buying what I am used to buying instead of comparison shopping.

I will have another leather wrapped journal to show you tomorrow. Yesterday's attempt was extremely poor and so that leather will be used for a wrap of some kind and I will try again today. I also still need to get my tax "stuff" in order so that I can take care of that with my tax lady in March.

Too much to do, too little time.....



  1. Those shoes are made for walking.....vey good Vicki, wish I had a screech owl in my backyard.

  2. You've been so busy! Great "flow" of colour in the shoes.
    Thought I'd share our back yard owl with you:

  3. I like your shoe cards! Lucky you to have one of Andrea Joseph's zines and your grandaughter is beautiful.

  4. Great kicks! Two pictures of little cuties - Payton and the owl..... just finished registering for the class! hugs, nancy

  5. We consider ourselves very lucky to see owls anytime, and here you have this one living in your yard! One of my "Most Wanted" birds is a Snowy Owl.

    We had temps in the 70's today, a record for this date. Next week we'll be back to normal mid 50' felt just like spring today.

    I'm trying to get the lay of the land with my new MAC laptop...quite a learning curve for this old girl. Will try to get a blog started up once I feel confident with this newbie...and I have a new printer which does copying, scanning, prints photos, etc. I haven't linked it to this computer yet.

  6. The owl is not dumb. Finding warmth anywhere you can is a good idea!

  7. That owl is just too cute! He's looks cozy and snug sitting in his little home.

  8. Yep I love the owl =) And this post in general