Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Barn Sketch and Watercolor WIP Update

Well, I've read many times that watercolor (or any painting) goes through a really scary stage(s) before it is complete. I am hoping that means I am on the right track. I still haven't added shadows to the chairs, but have been working on the sand and grasses. This is by no means complete. I just hope I can resuscitate it before I get to the final stages.

I've also been looking at pix of old barns and decided to try one. I found that the barn and outbuilding with a few trees wasn't quite complete and then saw this one (almost the same set up) on Kathy Los-Rathburn's blog and decided to add the fences and foreground grasses. I hope she doesn't mind - this is after all just practice in my art journal. If you aren't familiar with Kathy, you should definitely check out her blog. She is doing a series of 5 x 7 pieces for an exhibition gala in Chesterton, Indiana, and hers are in wonderfully colorful watercolor. If she is in northern Indiana, I may have to check out when she has workshops and go meet her.

Here is my pen sketch:

Unfortunately you can see the caligraphy practice on the backside through this.

We lost power for about an hour this morning and I was right in the middle of the salting of the foreground sand in my watercolor so I sat in front of the living room window and worked crossword puzzles until it came back on.

I am planning to do a bit of a workout this afternoon. I haven't been on the treadmill in weeks and I miss it.

It is a cold, rainy day and we are expecting it to rain for a few days in a row - gray and depressing. I think I will put on some loud rock and roll and make my own sunshine.

What are you doing to banish the blues today??



  1. Hello Vicki,

    Whats to resuscitate? It's looking wonderful. I think your watercolour is going to be amazing.
    And you pen and ink...fantastic! Ther is something about drawing old barns...well old anythings...I should try drawing me :-)
    Great site/blog Vicki.

  2. Your painting is coming along very nicely! You did a great job with the grasses - it adds a lot. The sand looks very sandy! And, your barn is a really nice sketch, too! hugs, nancy

  3. What am I doing to banish the blues today? I'm reading your blog, Vicki ;-)

    I love the beach chairs and think it is coming along just fine.

  4. Your painting is looking great! I like the grasses and the texture on the sand. Wonderful pen sketch too.

  5. This is a great start! I'm not sure which direction your sun will come from, but maybe add some shadows for the fence that correspond to the ones with the chairs? Wonderful texture in the sand. I'll have to try the salt! Wonderful sketch of the barn!

  6. Nice sketch of the barn Vicki, and the update looks good so far