Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Surgery Follow-up and More on the Barn

I took the hubster to the doctor for his first post-op visit and things are looking really good. He has had very little pain thus far. They removed the huge plaster and wrap and we went to a medical supply place with a prescription for a compression sock and a pneumatic walking boot. He will not be allowed to put any weight on that leg for another two weeks, but will begin physical therapy next week.

I spent a little time working (read: overworking) on the barn. I wanted the sky to be darker and screwed it up. I tried to put in the tree and it looked way too much like a lollipop, so I overworked it in a darker green and tried to reshape it a bit. I need to add a bit more shading under the eaves of the barn and the tree needs to be giving off a bit of shade as well. The grassy area needs some stuff to break it up a bit.  Ackkkk! I'm ruining another one.

I can only hope that adding the shadows and some interest on the sides of the barn and in the grassy area will save it a bit. I think it is still a bit of an improvement over the first one. At this rate, I'll only have to do about 100 more and I will actually get something that I am totally proud to share. I think I spy the "ugly inner critic" rearing her head.

It rained really hard just before we headed into town for the doctor visit, but then the sum came out and it was actually quite warm. The bank readout said 69ยบ. That is pretty impressive for late October in southern Michigan, don't you think? Or as the yooper in me would say, "that's pretty warm for late October, eh?

I read a really good book yesterday that held me captivated to the very end. It is by Dan Chaon and is called "Await Your Reply". On the cover it says he also wrote another one called, "You Remind Me of Me". I may have to check that one out as well.

Here's hoping you are making time for your loved ones and yourself today,



  1. Your post is just like that book title. You remind me of me. lol I so want to paint watercolour, but... too much overthinking, too much overworking and too much self abuse. Hang in there. I am always amazed at how simply watercolour artists manage to bring the image to life with very little. As another blogger recently posted elsewhere, be kind to yourself and as my husband always reminds me, it's supposed to be fun! :) Glad to hear your husband is on the mend.
    Stay inspired!
    Brain Angles - Invisible Ink

  2. So glad your husband is doing well!

    Don't give up on your painting yet...there is still so much that can be done to help it. Darkening some of the leaves to make the foliage have more variation in depth. A shadow, like you said. Make one side of the barn darker than the other since the sun wouldn't likely hit them both evenly. Then add some texture to the vertical boards. At this point in your learning of watercolor, I wouldn't worry about overworking so much. Especially if you don't like where it is anyway. Use it as a way to learn different lessons. Experiment. Well, that was just a thought that came into my head. I'm sure others might have different opinions, especially about the overworking.

  3. Raena's advice is good, and since I know you've done more, I'm not saying anything else except, good for the hubster! lol nancy