Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Watercolor Work In Progress

So far all I've done is add a bit of underpainting. I have no idea how to paint sand - I think it needs speckles of colors and I think I need to put the beach grass in such a way as to convey hills and distance behind the chairs. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I am thinking I need to put in some variation of color in the sand directionally behind to indicate hills and distance. I am planning to put in some beach grasses in greens, browns, yellows. Does that make sense at all?

I need to go to the store later this morning to get milk, bananas, soy milk, Claritin (the hubster is experiencing a lot of sneezing and runny eyes), chicken broth, etc.  Dana and the girls are coming out for dinner this afternoon, so I have some chicken breasts thawing and will make rice and a vegetable to go with it. Miss M is still running a fever between doses of her medicine so is not yet back in school.

Miss K is supposed to be running at the track at Lumen Christi tomorrow morning as a fundraiser and I am planning to go if the rain holds off. Meanwhile I am trying to be a good caretaker. There is a fine line between doing too much for the patient and doing too little. 

I stayed up until after 3 this morning to watch the next video lesson in the Artful Journaling class and so slept in until 9:30. The hubster had already made coffee and managed to get himself and the coffee in a locking travel mug into the living room and into his easy chair. We've each had a bowl of cereal with blueberries and are ready to get this day started.

Are you making time for yourself today?



  1. this is lovely, can't wait to see the big reveal.I'm retired and so is my husband, we take time for ourselves everyday now,, lol.Our children are all grown and on their own,, only one lives close so we have quite a bit of free time.We also sold our house and moved into a condo so we have lots of time,,

  2. Thanks for that last question... I will make time for myself this evening when I go home. I'm waaay behind on my AJF class. Love the work you've done on this painting. It's very soft and gentle.

    You might consider using tracing paper over it, as Laure has done, to see what different ways you might convey depth or grass.

  3. Try sprinkling salt on wet paint. The salt soaks up the water and concentrates the color ... kind of sandy looking. I use a fan brush for beach grasses.

  4. You've made a fine start with this one, and I like beach Cat's suggestion about the salt - it should look very much like sand. The fan brush really does work well for grass - you just have to be a tad careful that it doesn't look all even by varying the position of the brush. hugs, nancy

  5. I always steal time for art. :) You are off to a great beginning and all your ideas for additions to the picture are good ones.

  6. I am looking forward to seeing what comes next in this one. It looks great so far.

  7. I am just about to leave to do some urban sketching. Yep...I'm going to just do it!

    I think you have a wonderful start. I have run into the same questions regarding sand recently. What I went with was a toothbrush, spattering on the different colors. I also had some muted purples in there. I find landscapes very difficult. I think you're on the right track with your ideas.