Friday, October 21, 2011

Running with my Girls and My WC Barn

I drove into Jackson and met my son and Miss Z at the Lumen Christi track to await Miss K and her school mates for the Run For Education fundraiser.

It was really cold so after a walk around the track and meeting up with Miss K, Adam took Zoƫ home. I stayed and did 3 laps around the track walking and 5 laps jogging. I don't think I need to get on the treadmill today. It sure was fun to see Miss K with all her friends and the wonderful parent volunteers who participated.

I tried a watercolor barn on 5 x 7 watercolor paper and am not happy with it, but will share it anyway. This will be my benchmark to which I will compare the next ones.  Actually I am happy with the sky and the furthest back color, but as you come forward into the middle ground and the foreground, not so much.

I will try another one maybe on Sunday. I am getting Miss Z around 3 this afternoon and keeping her until about 3 tomorrow afternoon. I will try to get some new pix. I can't wait until she is ready to do art with Nana. It might be awhile - she is just 8 months next week.

I hope you are finding time for family and art today.



  1. Hi Vicki, when you are using watercolour be braver with your colour mixes as it drys much lighter than you would think.Also use the direction of your brushstrokes to show the shape of things, as in the barn door, bring your strokes downwards. Remember that trees get thinner as they go up so take the pressure off the bruh as you rise,also ,as I tell my students, "wiggle it" so the branches aren't straight.Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks Phil,

    Your suggestions are much appreciated. I am hoping my next one is better.


  3. Good for you for trying out new ground! Phil's suggestions are excellent. It's a fine start on a new journey! hugs, nancy

  4. Oh, I love Phil's suggestions! See, I need someone to do that for me! I keep making the same mistakes without quite knowing what is wrong. This will certainly make it fun to see your future ones. Maybe even try the same one again?

    Lovely post!

  5. Oh, one more thing. I think what you're describing with the background, midground, and foreground is called atmospheric perspective. Everything is supposed to get grayer as it goes back. I have a really hard time applying this. I think that's why I hardly ever do landscapes; they expose how little I know!