Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Costumes and Adirondack Chairs WC WIP

On Saturday I spent four hours at the Maple Street Mall working the hubster's shift since he can't while he is on crutches. I had a lovely time, met a new friend, and visited with friends that I don't see much except when I am up at the mall.

When I got home my two and their children came over in costume (the girl tribe, that is) and spent the afternoon with us. I managed to get a couple of pix:

I had a pot of chicken noodle soup started on the stove and the hubster called a pizza order in which the son picked up and they all had pizza except Miss Z - she had baby food, of course. And I had chicken soup when it was done.

This morning I drove to the daughter's house at 6:30 am and almost hit a deer on the way - I so hate driving in the dark. I got Miss P to school around 8:15 and drove Miss M out to my house. She has already had breakfast and we played a couple of games and now she is entertaining Papa in the living room while I write this. Later, she and I will take a shower and then I will get her to preschool by 12:30.

This weekend I finally got the cushions, shoes and bug stuff in bottles off the deck and moved all the furniture away from the screens for their winter setting. I then moved the grill into the screened porch and swept the open part of the deck.  And then I made time for some art. 

I worked on the Adirondack chairs a bit more and think I am finally beginning to like it. I'm not sure if it is done or not. I'll leave it sitting up so I can look at it from time to time and decide if it needs anything more or not.

I'm also working on an ATC. It has a watercolor background and then I sketched the rooster with watercolor pencils. I think I need to do a bit more blending of the colors, but overall I think he is rather cute. What do you think?

When I take Miss M to preschool I need to make a quick stop at the grocery store for candy for tonight (although we hardly ever get any kids), mothballs to put in the grill to keep the mice out and odds and ends for cooking. Hopefully after that I can spend a bit of time putting more color into the sky in the Leelanau sunset watercolor I am working on. I will share it tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have to deliver my framed and matted watercolor to the Potter Center where it will be displayed for a month. This is a non-juried show and I am not sure how many paintings are being featured. I am quite nervous about this, but think it is probably good for me to do. I am planning to take Miss P there one day during the month to look at all the art. She is very excited that I am participating in this event.

I hope you are having a wonderful day and that you are making time for your art,



  1. Vicki, Your rooster is so CHEERFUL! What beautiful colors. I admire your perserverence and determination in doing the picture of the Adirondack chairs. I always have a hard time with the straight lines of man made objects.

  2. I really like your work-in-progress -- I can see maybe adding one additional gray bit to the chair on the right to divide the seat from the back legs -- maybe? maybe not -- but otherwise the thing looks finished. I always have such a hard time painting white foreground objects in watercolor -- what to outline, what to leave empty, is the negative space clear enough? I think you've done a fantastic job with the shadows and white spaces. And your background with its diagonals and rounded planes is a wonderful setting for the sharp straight vertical lines of the chairs. The light is clear and bracing -- I can almost smell the fresh clean air. Gorgeous. :)

  3. Thanks, Sandy - I really like barnyard creatures.

    Gillian - thank you so much - I like the idea of a bit of shadow at the base of the back of the chair on the right.


  4. The shadows are looking good. Could you add some darks to the bottom sections of the grasses? Look at some in real life and see that they tend to be a little darker nearer the ground. I want to go sit in those chairs and soak up the sun!

  5. Very jolly rooster, and I think Linda's suggestion about some darks at the base of the grasses is a good one. We'll have to go to the exhibit together ... I'd love to see your work hanging! hugs, nancy

  6. LOVE LOVE the chairs! Congratulations on them. The shadows underneath are very real. And cute rooster, too.

  7. The kids seem like they enjoyed being in their costumes(Miss Z too). The chairs look good, and so does the rooster