Monday, October 17, 2011

Housecleaning, Girl Tribe Art, and A New Watercolor in Progress

I was quite a busy girl today. I decided the house was seriously in need of cleaning so I began in the master bath. From there I dusted the master bedroom and living room. I then swept the floors and shook the rugs and did the vacuuming. I gave the oak table in the eating area a good cleaning and washed down the dining chairs. I got my long handled duster and swept along all the edge of the ceiling all around the house. I also did two loads of laundry. I was saved from continuing into the back of the house by my son bringing Miss Z out for a visit.

I finally have managed to start my next project in watercolor. I talked with my sister today and told her I was planning to do a landscape of a church and I was thinking of incorporating a fence and perhaps a portion of a cemetery alongside. However, once I cut my watercolor paper to size, I was seized again by the need to finally do a scene with Adirondack chairs. So without further ado, I drew two chairs and then decided to have them facing the water (which will not be shown) and to have sand dunes and part of a fence behind them. Here is what I have for my initial drawing:

I realize it is difficult to see, but if you click on it you should get a bigger picture. I did try to darken it a bit in Photoshop.

I also have a photo of Papa drawn by four year old Miss M while she was spending some time with us this weekend.

She even put glasses on him. I don't think she has done that before.

I've been a busy little cook over the weekend, too. I made a beef stew and a pot of chicken rice soup. I do so love soup on these cool Fall days.

I did a bit of Geometry tutoring this afternoon as well, so feel my day has been quite busy and complete - I've done grunt work (housework), brain work (tutoring), and arty stuff in my work room.
I also mailed off my October swap to my partner in Ontario, but forget to take a photo of it.

How is your day going?



  1. Wonderful! The perspective on those chairs looks spot on!! And Miss M did terrific!

  2. The initial drawing looks fantastic Vicki! It has so much potential =) Can't wait to see the progress. Miss M did really good like Raena said ^^