Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Bit of Art

I've finally spent a bit of time in my art room since the hubster's surgery (I'm afraid I am not a very good nurse - I tend to hover) and spent that time working on an assignment for my Artful Journaling - Foundations class. The assignment was two part: make a page of borders and make a page using a border.

Here is the page of my borders:

I'm afraid these are not very "arty", but they will have to do for now.

And here is the page I made using a border:

I am hoping to get into town today to pick up some mats and a frame or two from Michael's so that I can see what my watercolor is going to look like when finished. Meanwhile, I think I need to get on the treadmill and get my routine going again.

I am planning to make some lamb stew later today and start to think about meals for the next few days. I am not used to doing all the cooking and I'm afraid it shows, but so far I've had no complaints.

I have to watch the Tigers again today - they must win to stay in it! 



  1. Hope the Tigers win. I met another Tigers fan on Tuesday.

    Love your clever border that looks like a fence but also creates lots of visual interest. WTG!

    Oh, did I mention that I like your tree as well?

  2. Nice borders, and I am sure you've come out with all kinds of creative ways to use the rest of the borders =) Can't wait to see them... (and yeah, Tigers are awesome!)

  3. Great borders, I need to try some out too!

  4. Vicki I think the borders are great - "arty" is what you make of it :)

  5. Love the tree, and nice variety of borders! I rarely use borders...for some reason they slip my mind most of the time!