Tuesday, January 3, 2012

30-second sketch, 90-second sketch and girl tribe art

I have Miss Z and Miss K here. They came around dinner time last evening and spent the night. Busy, but fun.

I got up before they did and tried a quick 30-second sketch and then a 90-minute one.

This was a massive specimen with an abundance of muscle mass.

While she was here, Miss K painted me a picture of a bird in a tree.

My treasure for the giveaway still hasn't come and I am getting impatient to have it in hand. As soon as it arrives, I will show it to you and tell you what to do if you want a chance to win it.

When the girls go home, I need to get on the treadmill and work a bit; and I really should make a run to the grocery for some basics.

I hope to see you tomorrow.....



  1. I need to go to posemaniacs to see these 90 second poses. Your massive guy must have been hard to do! I love the bird Miss K did, by the way! hugs, nancy

  2. I haven't actually found a 90-second setting on Posemaniacs, just a 30-second. I set a timer on my iPod touch for 90 seconds and time myself that way.


  3. I'm glad your sneaking in some time to stick with your sketches and I know you'll see real progress as you go through your journal with these. Loved the bird from Miss K :)