Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday's Sketches

This morning I tried two 30-second poses, one after the other. For the first one, I tried to put in shoulder, hip, and arm and leg lines and then go flesh them out. This did not feel natural and didn't turn out very well. On the second one I tried to just do a blind contour more or less. That feels much more like sketching what I see like Melliott said in yesterday's comment. I am going to have to commit to making these sketches blind contours and see if that doesn't improve things.

My first priority for today is to clean up my art room. I am blaming my lack of new projects on the complete disarray in here. Who knows maybe when I get it picked up and swept, maybe my Muse will return and get me started on a new piece of art.

I also have to get on the treadmill and do my one hour jog. This is my second week of 6 days a week. I am just taking Sundays off. There are lots of other things that need attending to, but if I can get my art room cleaned and do my treadmill routine, I will be happy. Anything else that gets done will be icing on the cake.

What about you? Do you have mundane tasks to do today? Or are you free to pursue creative endeavors? I hope you can find time for yourself and your art at some point in the day and throughout the weekend.



  1. Try using a really big sketchpad and some vine charcol. You can get big sweeping lines from head to shoulder to bottom in one fast stroke. Force yourself to do that stroke over and over really fast until you are comfortable with it. Then if you can do it really fast, try adding one stroke for the arm and one each for the leg. I think you are trying to get too much detail.

    Yes, I sneak in some laundry while I work. I do design work by day, and by evening I get too tired to drag out the sketch pad. I do most of my art on the weekends! I could never stay on a treadmill for an hour! Unless I could figure out a way to draw at the same time!! Good for you! I just walk the dog.

  2. I've been working at cleaning/tidying up my studio, too ... it's slow going. :-( Good for you for keeping up with the treadmill and the drawing - you deserve a prize! hugs, nancy

  3. I've had several blind contour sketches look much better than my typical drawing before

  4. That is SO impressive that you spend an hour on the treadmill almost every day. Good luck finding your muse under a pile of old magazines -- you need to put her back to work!

  5. Great sketches Vicki, Happy New Year!