Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Today's Sketches

I began the day with a 30-second sketch that was such a difficult pose I was pretty sure that when I shared it, you would have a very difficult time trying to figure out exactly what it was I was trying to portray. To help you with that I put a copy of the Posemaniacs pose next to my sketch. I just realized that for the most part these 30-second sketches are actually blind contours. I don't have much time to look at what I am producing. At any rate, for what it is worth, here is today's:

Some of the poses are from such a very different perspective that it is more of a challenge than usual.

Nancy commented yesterday that she would have to go to Posemaniacs and try a 90 second pose and I responded that you could only do a 30 second pose there and that I was using a timer to do my longer poses. When you click on the 30 second choice in the right hand column, it brings up a window with 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 60 seconds and 90 seconds, but all but the 30 second choice is grayed out. Imagine my surprise when I tried clicking on one of the other choices to see that I didn't need to time myself after all. Each of the choices are clickable. What fun - I am going to have to try some of the other choices.

Here is my 90 second attempt:

While it is not very good - way too skinny, I am pretty sure you are able to visualize the original pose from which this is sketched.

It is very cold here today, but I need to get out a bit today. I still haven't driven to the grocery store to pick up the essentials that are being depleted or are totally gone - milk, lettuces, apples, nuts, snack bars......

Miss Z is coming to spend the night again today. She is becoming a lot more challenging as she is getting into more and more things that I don't want her into, but what a fun child. I am going to get errands done today and do the treadmill before she gets here and still hope to find some time to get more art done today. I think I may try to sketch that pose I tried for the 30 second challenge today, but without a time limit to see what I can do.

Meanwhile, I am waiting patiently for the mail today and hoping that my surprise is in it so I can formally announce the giveaway. I'm beginning to feel as though I am teasing you by mentioning it and then not coming up with the goods, but trust me it will definitely be worth the anticipation.

I hope you find time today to stay warm and get to spend some creative time for yourself.



  1. Wow - you really chose a hard one! I so admire what you've been doing with these poses. I did a quick peek at the site yesterday and was very intrigued. Keep up the good work! hugs, nancy

  2. I think doing blind contours is sooo difficult. You do really well...especially with such a difficult pose.

    Little ones are always a handful, but such a delight, too. Enjoy!! :)

  3. The first time I've seen that angle attempted. That's what it would look like to look up to an above floor made of glass. Probably doesn't happen often but if it does, you will have the skill for it!

  4. I think you must be very disciplined Vicki! You are really doing a great job.

  5. Vicki, I'm really enjoying your journey through these poses. I was admiring Miz Katie's ( goal of wanting to paint faster and I was wondering how to do that...I think that one way to develop a sure hand is persistent practice, which is exactly what you're doing!